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We spent Saturday morning with some of the boys from the boys centre and the family that takes care of them. All the children had a great time.

Great rain,

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The wet season in our part of Africa has arrived on time and in ernist. I am on the way to train Pastors and have broken down. The bolt that tightens the alternator belt broke, very odd thing to happen. I bought a new bolt (right one first time) now the battery is so dead we can't jump start the car. I am soaked and 80km from home. Kim had borrowed a friends car and is bringing me a battery. I still love the work we are doing.
The last three times I have visited this group of pastors I have had trouble. Please pray that Gods will is done.
Greg (please forgive the spelling my phone is without a spell check)

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We have planted moringa trees in the school. I was disappointed to see a fire burn though the trees seeming to destroy them all. But more than half the trees have new leaves so we are hoping to add the leave to the maze porridge the students get for breakfast, adding much needed vitamins and minerals to their diet.


Remote Training

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I travelled to train this group of pastors who are members of the Encontra Fraternal. The morning we set out it was raining lightly, yet the road was a mess in places. At one stage I had to reverse to line the road back up as we were facing 90 degrees from the direction we wanted to go. We were quite late to arrive to the training. When we arrived the pastors were waiting for us and ready to start. This shows their hunger for the training as they would have doubted that we could make it due to the rain but they took the time to come in case we could.

These churches are so hungry for the word of God, very few have ever had the chance to sit under regular teaching.

Load of Bananas

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Another load of bananas off to market. These trucks are constantly being overloaded by the drivers. We see many banana trucks with broken axles and blown tyres on the side of the road. Yet they continue to use bamboo hungry boards to help get more bunches into the load.

Greg’s dictionary “Hungry Board” - method used by zealous truck drivers to extend the load capacity of a truck.


Bibles for rural churches.

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An Australian church felt challenged to raise funds to put the bible into the hands of the African church. With their help we have been able to provide both audio and printed bibles in the local language to the churches that are in our training programme.

This will make a big difference to the church as they read and listen to the truth of God’s word. We have taken this opportunity to provide our training in audio format to allow the students to gather together and learn between our visits. When we visit, the students ask questions that the training raises before sitting the exam. Some churches have several people in the training, other churches have one person. All the students are able to share the training with their churches and with neighboring Christians.


School Breakfast

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We have entered the hunger season here in Africa. Many families are eating just one meal a day as that is all they can afford. Some don’t eat every day. This has resulted in an increase of theft and women doing all they can to get money.

We had 4 children visit looking for help, the time of day they arrived there was nobody home so they set off for home without having their needs met. On the way home one of the children died. We decided it was up to us to help our community. This resulted in us starting a feeding programme in the school for 465 children. Before school the children can have a plate of food each school day. The community is very grateful for this programme and we hear many positive comments. The attendance at school has risen by 20% with the students behaving better in class. This is a win all-round as we know the students have a chance of better grades as a direct result.

Children playing

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This photo of the children playing 'cat and rat' was taken next door.

Greg teaching

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In this photo I am teaching church members the importance of the church body
to function well and the need to discover God's gifts and plans for your

Young rider

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While on a church visit we saw this young girl waiting for her father on the
motor bike. She has a very cheeky look in her eye.

Church under construction

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This is a church we taught in for 2 days. You can see the bundles of thatching on the roof and the walls are nearly completed. This church did a lot of work to prepare for our visit, they cleared a road, built new toilets and repaired the church. I know our visit blessed them as much as it did us.

On the way to training

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One of the key leaders involved with our training programme is Ps Domingo. He has a home for children, pastors a church and is the district leader for the Encontra Fraternal, a national organisation that every Christian Church registered in Mozambique is a member.
I travel weekly with Ps Domingo to train churches in a number of locations. In this photo we are about to cross the river just north of Nhamatunda. Ps Domingo challenges me to expand our programme to include other locations and has said if we can’t travel to these places regularly maybe we can use the mp3 players to help them train themselves. I like the way he thinks.

Pastors Training

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This group of church leaders recently started our training programme. The
group will grow as they have told us how much they enjoyed the training and
will invite others to come. They are standing outside a church that we use.

Dealing with African bees

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When we see the odd bee flying around we are grateful for the work they do.
When we have a hive in the roof of our house we attempt to live with them.
When the bees start entering the house on mass it is time to deal with them.
Take one bamboo pole, some cloth, green and dry grass and add diesel. This
is a photo of us preparing to burn them out as relocation attempts have
proved worthless. PS the chickens love fried bees.

BPI warns of possibility of double digit inflation for Mozambique

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The Portuguese Investment Bank (BPI) has warned that Mozambique could see double digit inflation by the end of 2010, Aim News has reported. Double digit inflation would exceed the government’s target of 9.5 percent inflation for this year. BPI has attributed the possible leap in inflation to the termination of across the board fuel subsidies and to the rising price of oil, amongst other variables. In the first half of 2010, inflation stood at 5.2 percent, up from 3.3 percent in 2009.

We are seeing this happen. Our electricity bill is up by 350% fuel is up from 23mtn to 42mtn. ouch!!!!

Church visit in Gorongosa

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We recently visited a church in the Gorongosa area. One of the African
pastors I work with regularly spends time with this church. The Gorongosa
Mountain is used by witchdoctors to give them power. Many African people in
neighbouring countries visit this area to receive magic from the mediums.
Whilst visiting this church we could sense a spiritual heaviness. The first
night we taught on hearing from God and baptism in the Holy Spirit. That
night Ps Danito sat up talking though the church's leadership problems. The
next day the atmosphere was remarkably lighter. It was great for me to do
ministry with a solid team. I arrived home invigorated and ready to go
again. The car did not miss a beat, all went well. We are victorious.

Pastor Training

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I have commenced training a new group of pastors in Sofala Provence. These men are from different church denominations but are all part of fellowship group that shares resources. The first training session was full of enthusiasm and participation. The group is open for other pastors to join in further training. I was able to give the group 2 mp3 players to share with the teaching I covered and the 4 gospels with the book of acts in their language. There was over 32 churches represented as one pastors has 17 churches he covers and another has 11. I am praying that God will provide one mp3 player for each of these churches, please stand in prayer with us.

The leader of this group is a great man of God who runs a children’s home and is a church pastor. He was so impressed by our material that he will train the orphans, his church and a youth group with the resources we have given him. Thank you for being part of this.

Trip to Zambezi

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During a recent visit to a church in the Zambezi Province we were able to give a lot in the way of encouragement and healing. The church was hurting due to:

• a cancelled visit by a group last year.

• a time of famine due to the failure of last season’s crops

• and the roof of their church destroyed during a storm.

The pastor of this church is elderly and is concerned that he is unable to ride the 12km to collect grass to fix the church roof. Please stand with us in prayer for the younger men in the church to take on the responsibility to collect grass and fix the church roof..

I was caught on camera shaking hands with one of the young people when we arrived, I thought I would share that with you.

The church was very embarrassed because they had no food to share with us. God had prompted me to pack a sack of rice which was not normal, and we bought a goat for the whole meeting to share. God turned their lack into a chance for us to bless them. As guests of honour we were given the liver, heart, intestine, etc.. to eat whilst the others ate the meat. I won’t share the photo of the plate of food. I have said that I don’t like to be treated as a visitor in future just treat me as family and I will put up with meat like the others.

Meeting the need

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I have been challenged to understand the problems our neigbours face. This week we helped a single mother who has 4 children the youngest being a new born. This mother has no door on her house and no way of buying one. People will come a steal her only blanket. She has no income to buy salt, oil or soap for her family. She is a church member and a lovely person. To help her children I dread to think what she might be forced to do. We are able to give hope to her through $3 a week and some clothes. We could pray and ask God to answer this need but we chose to be God's answer. Be blessed Greg.

Thieves steal fibre optic cable.

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I am really confused as to what theives would do with a length of fibre optic cable, but for the second time in 3 months half the country had lost internet, fixed phone and most cell phone access. We are wondering if it sabotage, or thieves looking for copper in a cable that contains no copper. We may never know but are praying that it will stop. Greg


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We have had our share of sickness and trouble since our last update. Thank you for your prayers - our family is now in good health and back to full steam.


We had a day on Friday that should never be repeated. Greg, Kim, Gabi, Thomas and Miranda were traveling together. We were in the bush 120km from nowhere when we blew a tyre. I changed it for the spare (while everyone stood on guard looking for lions!). Ten kilometres later we blew the second tyre. Fortunately it held air long enough to travel 10km before using our pump to pump it up again. This was repeated every 10 kms. At the time this tyre blew I was checking to see what the noise was at the rear of the car, it turns out a shock absorber came loose and was out of action. No phones were working and our prayer increased to new levels. 40km into the trip home I noticed another tire was down and found a nail in it. Whilst this was happing in the bush at home the toilet cistern fell off the wall breaking the toilet bowl. The next day a fan belt broke 140km from our destination. I guess you are thinking we should maintain our car a little better, interestingly we had only got it back from the mechanic 3 weeks ago after he did a host of work including changing the shocks on the front.

The good news is that we got home safely, fitted a new loo and all is well, although I’m guessing the mechanic will not be glad to see me.



New opportunity

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We are currently praying where to send a group of Bible College graduates in our local area. We pray that they will strengthen existing churches or plant a healthy church to be a testimony in the area. We have a very strategic area close by, but it will be hard ground for them to break open. Please stand with us in prayer as we make the decision on how to approach this task.

ACCWM Exchange 2010

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I had a great experience at the African - Australian Exchange in Kenya last month. We had leaders from 9 African nations meeting together with Australians from a range of ministries including the Director of Australian Christian Churches World Missions, Australian and African church leaders, African missionaries, the Dean of a Bible College, a missioligist (a word for a clever missionary with a gift for strategic thinking) and many more.

In this company it is impossible not to be challenged to do more using smarter methods. I was challenged to be part of uniting the local African church which would enable us to provide training to more pastors at a reduced cost. I was well pleased that our focus on training was also the most pressing need felt by the African church.

Another area I felt challenged by was the lack of outreach activities displayed by the church in my area of Africa. Pastors in other parts of Africa have some wonderful projects that are helping the church reach their community. I suspect that at the heart of our lack lies financial restraints.


It is my prayer that the African church can be united with a focus on sharing biblical wisdom. Also that the local churches will have a vision that reaches out from within their walls into the community with the gospel and that these God given ideas will attract the funding required to becoming reality.


Communication blackout

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A fiber optic cable has been cut in Mozambique, as a result we have lost phone and internet. Word is all will be restored by the end of the month. We are all well. Greg and Kim

Sunday is coming

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Resurrection Sunday must be the most important day on the Christian calendar. It is the day that God chose to raise Jesus from the grave. This act gave us a way to restore our broken relationship with our father God.

On Friday Satan thought that he had defeated Jesus and he could not bring God’s Kingdom to earth. On resurrection Sunday Satan was shown the power of the kingdom of God. As Jesus was raised from the dead the full plan of God was revealed, Jesus died and took all of OUR punishment for the wrong things we do in our lives. We can now accept Jesus into our hearts and be assured of spending eternity with Him.

At times people try to destroy our work for God and think they have succeeded. In all ways it looks like we are beaten. When it looks as if the vision God has given you has been destroyed, remember that Sunday is coming.

Be blessed

Greg & Kim 


Building Bridges

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During the last heavy rain, our bridge connecting both sides of the farm was washed out. Many workers spent days piling the rocks back into place and then covered it with loads of dirt. The water flows through the large rocks. Kim would like the road to be a little wider at the top as she thinks it is a little scary to drive over the top. I am happy just not having to take the long road around. We are grateful that there has been no more destructive rain since this bridge was repaired.

Greg & Kim 


Power pole cut

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We had a sudden power cut after dinner, no surprise this is quite a regular occurrence.

The difference this time was that a truck had backed into a pole. Ok call the power supply company I hear you say, not so fast it was a pole on the farm so up to us to fix. One of the leaders called me to ask if I knew anything about fixing power poles. My reply was “we will make a plan”. Fortunately the wires got caught in a tree and held the pole up right. In the photo was our solution. We are now hoping nobody steals our rope one night.




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Attached is a photo of the district hospital.

Each day this week I have been taking one of the team 10km to the hospital to get an injection. While I wait outside for him, many people recognize me and ask for a lift back to the village. You can’t waste a spare seat especially if it saves someone the bus fare back home.



Training the Trainers

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The wet season gave us a chance to catch up in the preparation of material for the leadership training. We are currently preparing the subject of effective preaching. We hope this will bless the leaders in the training with insights on how to effectively express the word of God each week.

Currently many of our mp3 players are in need of repairs. The upside of this is that they are being used so much that we need to maintain them. I hope to have solar panels for them this month which will take away most of the problems caused by constantly winding them to recharge the batteries.


I am so impressed by the enthusiasm of the trainers. Rand, who is with us this year to help school the children allowing Kim to help more in ministry, visited a church with me where the Pastor is part of our training programme. Her comment was that they were really glad to see us, she could tell we were friends not visitors.



Agriculture Assistance

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There is much land in Mozambique, and much of it is underused. 85% of people are living on small plots where they use hoes to prepare the ground to provide the entire food for the family. When they have surplus they are able to sell it to grain traders but then find they are short on food later in the same year.

We are situated on farmland 140km inland, where we are providing traction animal training to teach the local people to use oxen in helping them make better use of the land. This in turn will give people the opportunity to grow more crops providing food security in our location.


Traction animals

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We are now situated on a farm. One of our Agriculture projects is training people in the use of traction animals in agriculture. If people use oxen they can prepare more ground to plant crops in, increasing their food production and helping to raise the level of food security, meaning that food will remain in good supply all year round. At the moment food is in plentiful supply straight after harvest but soon runs dry, if the next crop fails we have instant famine. Its time to change this situation! Please pray for successful implementation as we help the people in this way.

Greg & Kim