Power pole cut

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We had a sudden power cut after dinner, no surprise this is quite a regular occurrence.

The difference this time was that a truck had backed into a pole. Ok call the power supply company I hear you say, not so fast it was a pole on the farm so up to us to fix. One of the leaders called me to ask if I knew anything about fixing power poles. My reply was “we will make a plan”. Fortunately the wires got caught in a tree and held the pole up right. In the photo was our solution. We are now hoping nobody steals our rope one night.




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Attached is a photo of the district hospital.

Each day this week I have been taking one of the team 10km to the hospital to get an injection. While I wait outside for him, many people recognize me and ask for a lift back to the village. You can’t waste a spare seat especially if it saves someone the bus fare back home.



Training the Trainers

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The wet season gave us a chance to catch up in the preparation of material for the leadership training. We are currently preparing the subject of effective preaching. We hope this will bless the leaders in the training with insights on how to effectively express the word of God each week.

Currently many of our mp3 players are in need of repairs. The upside of this is that they are being used so much that we need to maintain them. I hope to have solar panels for them this month which will take away most of the problems caused by constantly winding them to recharge the batteries.


I am so impressed by the enthusiasm of the trainers. Rand, who is with us this year to help school the children allowing Kim to help more in ministry, visited a church with me where the Pastor is part of our training programme. Her comment was that they were really glad to see us, she could tell we were friends not visitors.



Agriculture Assistance

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There is much land in Mozambique, and much of it is underused. 85% of people are living on small plots where they use hoes to prepare the ground to provide the entire food for the family. When they have surplus they are able to sell it to grain traders but then find they are short on food later in the same year.

We are situated on farmland 140km inland, where we are providing traction animal training to teach the local people to use oxen in helping them make better use of the land. This in turn will give people the opportunity to grow more crops providing food security in our location.


Traction animals

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We are now situated on a farm. One of our Agriculture projects is training people in the use of traction animals in agriculture. If people use oxen they can prepare more ground to plant crops in, increasing their food production and helping to raise the level of food security, meaning that food will remain in good supply all year round. At the moment food is in plentiful supply straight after harvest but soon runs dry, if the next crop fails we have instant famine. Its time to change this situation! Please pray for successful implementation as we help the people in this way.

Greg & Kim