Training the Trainers

4:42 PM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

The wet season gave us a chance to catch up in the preparation of material for the leadership training. We are currently preparing the subject of effective preaching. We hope this will bless the leaders in the training with insights on how to effectively express the word of God each week.

Currently many of our mp3 players are in need of repairs. The upside of this is that they are being used so much that we need to maintain them. I hope to have solar panels for them this month which will take away most of the problems caused by constantly winding them to recharge the batteries.


I am so impressed by the enthusiasm of the trainers. Rand, who is with us this year to help school the children allowing Kim to help more in ministry, visited a church with me where the Pastor is part of our training programme. Her comment was that they were really glad to see us, she could tell we were friends not visitors.