ACCWM Exchange 2010

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I had a great experience at the African - Australian Exchange in Kenya last month. We had leaders from 9 African nations meeting together with Australians from a range of ministries including the Director of Australian Christian Churches World Missions, Australian and African church leaders, African missionaries, the Dean of a Bible College, a missioligist (a word for a clever missionary with a gift for strategic thinking) and many more.

In this company it is impossible not to be challenged to do more using smarter methods. I was challenged to be part of uniting the local African church which would enable us to provide training to more pastors at a reduced cost. I was well pleased that our focus on training was also the most pressing need felt by the African church.

Another area I felt challenged by was the lack of outreach activities displayed by the church in my area of Africa. Pastors in other parts of Africa have some wonderful projects that are helping the church reach their community. I suspect that at the heart of our lack lies financial restraints.


It is my prayer that the African church can be united with a focus on sharing biblical wisdom. Also that the local churches will have a vision that reaches out from within their walls into the community with the gospel and that these God given ideas will attract the funding required to becoming reality.