4:00 PM Harts for Africa 1 Comments

We have had our share of sickness and trouble since our last update. Thank you for your prayers - our family is now in good health and back to full steam.


We had a day on Friday that should never be repeated. Greg, Kim, Gabi, Thomas and Miranda were traveling together. We were in the bush 120km from nowhere when we blew a tyre. I changed it for the spare (while everyone stood on guard looking for lions!). Ten kilometres later we blew the second tyre. Fortunately it held air long enough to travel 10km before using our pump to pump it up again. This was repeated every 10 kms. At the time this tyre blew I was checking to see what the noise was at the rear of the car, it turns out a shock absorber came loose and was out of action. No phones were working and our prayer increased to new levels. 40km into the trip home I noticed another tire was down and found a nail in it. Whilst this was happing in the bush at home the toilet cistern fell off the wall breaking the toilet bowl. The next day a fan belt broke 140km from our destination. I guess you are thinking we should maintain our car a little better, interestingly we had only got it back from the mechanic 3 weeks ago after he did a host of work including changing the shocks on the front.

The good news is that we got home safely, fitted a new loo and all is well, although I’m guessing the mechanic will not be glad to see me.