Meeting the need

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I have been challenged to understand the problems our neigbours face. This week we helped a single mother who has 4 children the youngest being a new born. This mother has no door on her house and no way of buying one. People will come a steal her only blanket. She has no income to buy salt, oil or soap for her family. She is a church member and a lovely person. To help her children I dread to think what she might be forced to do. We are able to give hope to her through $3 a week and some clothes. We could pray and ask God to answer this need but we chose to be God's answer. Be blessed Greg.

Thieves steal fibre optic cable.

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I am really confused as to what theives would do with a length of fibre optic cable, but for the second time in 3 months half the country had lost internet, fixed phone and most cell phone access. We are wondering if it sabotage, or thieves looking for copper in a cable that contains no copper. We may never know but are praying that it will stop. Greg