Dealing with African bees

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When we see the odd bee flying around we are grateful for the work they do.
When we have a hive in the roof of our house we attempt to live with them.
When the bees start entering the house on mass it is time to deal with them.
Take one bamboo pole, some cloth, green and dry grass and add diesel. This
is a photo of us preparing to burn them out as relocation attempts have
proved worthless. PS the chickens love fried bees.

BPI warns of possibility of double digit inflation for Mozambique

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The Portuguese Investment Bank (BPI) has warned that Mozambique could see double digit inflation by the end of 2010, Aim News has reported. Double digit inflation would exceed the government’s target of 9.5 percent inflation for this year. BPI has attributed the possible leap in inflation to the termination of across the board fuel subsidies and to the rising price of oil, amongst other variables. In the first half of 2010, inflation stood at 5.2 percent, up from 3.3 percent in 2009.

We are seeing this happen. Our electricity bill is up by 350% fuel is up from 23mtn to 42mtn. ouch!!!!

Church visit in Gorongosa

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We recently visited a church in the Gorongosa area. One of the African
pastors I work with regularly spends time with this church. The Gorongosa
Mountain is used by witchdoctors to give them power. Many African people in
neighbouring countries visit this area to receive magic from the mediums.
Whilst visiting this church we could sense a spiritual heaviness. The first
night we taught on hearing from God and baptism in the Holy Spirit. That
night Ps Danito sat up talking though the church's leadership problems. The
next day the atmosphere was remarkably lighter. It was great for me to do
ministry with a solid team. I arrived home invigorated and ready to go
again. The car did not miss a beat, all went well. We are victorious.

Pastor Training

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I have commenced training a new group of pastors in Sofala Provence. These men are from different church denominations but are all part of fellowship group that shares resources. The first training session was full of enthusiasm and participation. The group is open for other pastors to join in further training. I was able to give the group 2 mp3 players to share with the teaching I covered and the 4 gospels with the book of acts in their language. There was over 32 churches represented as one pastors has 17 churches he covers and another has 11. I am praying that God will provide one mp3 player for each of these churches, please stand in prayer with us.

The leader of this group is a great man of God who runs a children’s home and is a church pastor. He was so impressed by our material that he will train the orphans, his church and a youth group with the resources we have given him. Thank you for being part of this.

Trip to Zambezi

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During a recent visit to a church in the Zambezi Province we were able to give a lot in the way of encouragement and healing. The church was hurting due to:

• a cancelled visit by a group last year.

• a time of famine due to the failure of last season’s crops

• and the roof of their church destroyed during a storm.

The pastor of this church is elderly and is concerned that he is unable to ride the 12km to collect grass to fix the church roof. Please stand with us in prayer for the younger men in the church to take on the responsibility to collect grass and fix the church roof..

I was caught on camera shaking hands with one of the young people when we arrived, I thought I would share that with you.

The church was very embarrassed because they had no food to share with us. God had prompted me to pack a sack of rice which was not normal, and we bought a goat for the whole meeting to share. God turned their lack into a chance for us to bless them. As guests of honour we were given the liver, heart, intestine, etc.. to eat whilst the others ate the meat. I won’t share the photo of the plate of food. I have said that I don’t like to be treated as a visitor in future just treat me as family and I will put up with meat like the others.