Pastor Training

4:23 PM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

I have commenced training a new group of pastors in Sofala Provence. These men are from different church denominations but are all part of fellowship group that shares resources. The first training session was full of enthusiasm and participation. The group is open for other pastors to join in further training. I was able to give the group 2 mp3 players to share with the teaching I covered and the 4 gospels with the book of acts in their language. There was over 32 churches represented as one pastors has 17 churches he covers and another has 11. I am praying that God will provide one mp3 player for each of these churches, please stand in prayer with us.

The leader of this group is a great man of God who runs a children’s home and is a church pastor. He was so impressed by our material that he will train the orphans, his church and a youth group with the resources we have given him. Thank you for being part of this.