Trip to Zambezi

4:10 PM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

During a recent visit to a church in the Zambezi Province we were able to give a lot in the way of encouragement and healing. The church was hurting due to:

• a cancelled visit by a group last year.

• a time of famine due to the failure of last season’s crops

• and the roof of their church destroyed during a storm.

The pastor of this church is elderly and is concerned that he is unable to ride the 12km to collect grass to fix the church roof. Please stand with us in prayer for the younger men in the church to take on the responsibility to collect grass and fix the church roof..

I was caught on camera shaking hands with one of the young people when we arrived, I thought I would share that with you.

The church was very embarrassed because they had no food to share with us. God had prompted me to pack a sack of rice which was not normal, and we bought a goat for the whole meeting to share. God turned their lack into a chance for us to bless them. As guests of honour we were given the liver, heart, intestine, etc.. to eat whilst the others ate the meat. I won’t share the photo of the plate of food. I have said that I don’t like to be treated as a visitor in future just treat me as family and I will put up with meat like the others.