Children playing

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This photo of the children playing 'cat and rat' was taken next door.

Greg teaching

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In this photo I am teaching church members the importance of the church body
to function well and the need to discover God's gifts and plans for your

Young rider

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While on a church visit we saw this young girl waiting for her father on the
motor bike. She has a very cheeky look in her eye.

Church under construction

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This is a church we taught in for 2 days. You can see the bundles of thatching on the roof and the walls are nearly completed. This church did a lot of work to prepare for our visit, they cleared a road, built new toilets and repaired the church. I know our visit blessed them as much as it did us.

On the way to training

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One of the key leaders involved with our training programme is Ps Domingo. He has a home for children, pastors a church and is the district leader for the Encontra Fraternal, a national organisation that every Christian Church registered in Mozambique is a member.
I travel weekly with Ps Domingo to train churches in a number of locations. In this photo we are about to cross the river just north of Nhamatunda. Ps Domingo challenges me to expand our programme to include other locations and has said if we can’t travel to these places regularly maybe we can use the mp3 players to help them train themselves. I like the way he thinks.

Pastors Training

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This group of church leaders recently started our training programme. The
group will grow as they have told us how much they enjoyed the training and
will invite others to come. They are standing outside a church that we use.