School Breakfast

5:02 PM Harts for Africa 1 Comments

We have entered the hunger season here in Africa. Many families are eating just one meal a day as that is all they can afford. Some don’t eat every day. This has resulted in an increase of theft and women doing all they can to get money.

We had 4 children visit looking for help, the time of day they arrived there was nobody home so they set off for home without having their needs met. On the way home one of the children died. We decided it was up to us to help our community. This resulted in us starting a feeding programme in the school for 465 children. Before school the children can have a plate of food each school day. The community is very grateful for this programme and we hear many positive comments. The attendance at school has risen by 20% with the students behaving better in class. This is a win all-round as we know the students have a chance of better grades as a direct result.