Remote Training

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I travelled to train this group of pastors who are members of the Encontra Fraternal. The morning we set out it was raining lightly, yet the road was a mess in places. At one stage I had to reverse to line the road back up as we were facing 90 degrees from the direction we wanted to go. We were quite late to arrive to the training. When we arrived the pastors were waiting for us and ready to start. This shows their hunger for the training as they would have doubted that we could make it due to the rain but they took the time to come in case we could.

These churches are so hungry for the word of God, very few have ever had the chance to sit under regular teaching.

Load of Bananas

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Another load of bananas off to market. These trucks are constantly being overloaded by the drivers. We see many banana trucks with broken axles and blown tyres on the side of the road. Yet they continue to use bamboo hungry boards to help get more bunches into the load.

Greg’s dictionary “Hungry Board” - method used by zealous truck drivers to extend the load capacity of a truck.


Bibles for rural churches.

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An Australian church felt challenged to raise funds to put the bible into the hands of the African church. With their help we have been able to provide both audio and printed bibles in the local language to the churches that are in our training programme.

This will make a big difference to the church as they read and listen to the truth of God’s word. We have taken this opportunity to provide our training in audio format to allow the students to gather together and learn between our visits. When we visit, the students ask questions that the training raises before sitting the exam. Some churches have several people in the training, other churches have one person. All the students are able to share the training with their churches and with neighboring Christians.