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We spent Saturday morning with some of the boys from the boys centre and the family that takes care of them. All the children had a great time.

Great rain,

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The wet season in our part of Africa has arrived on time and in ernist. I am on the way to train Pastors and have broken down. The bolt that tightens the alternator belt broke, very odd thing to happen. I bought a new bolt (right one first time) now the battery is so dead we can't jump start the car. I am soaked and 80km from home. Kim had borrowed a friends car and is bringing me a battery. I still love the work we are doing.
The last three times I have visited this group of pastors I have had trouble. Please pray that Gods will is done.
Greg (please forgive the spelling my phone is without a spell check)

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We have planted moringa trees in the school. I was disappointed to see a fire burn though the trees seeming to destroy them all. But more than half the trees have new leaves so we are hoping to add the leave to the maze porridge the students get for breakfast, adding much needed vitamins and minerals to their diet.