Harley for Chistmas

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I got a Harley for Christmas must be the luckiest guy ever.

Catindica Graduation

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We are celebrating with the pastors and leaders who have graduated from our course in Catindica.
We are joined today by the regional government leader and his wife. This is a great honor as it shows that the government respects the role of the church.
The Administrator told us that the course is helping to change his area for the better. The pastors have more God in them and are helping to grow the people. He asked the gradients not to stop now but do the work they have been trained to do. This is a church planting and discipleship course. Therefore the government is asking them to plant churches and make disciples, great news for Mozambique.

Guro Graduation.

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We are at Guro graduation. We have seen good fruit come out of our training in this district. Great testimonies have been shared and we are sure that many more are to come.
We even got to enjoy warm coke, a specialty in the African bush.


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We had a wild storm here the other night. In a village of 250 homes 30 have been damaged. One employee lost his roof, his mother lost her roof and 2 other members of the family lost walls and roofs. This makes it hard as family members pool money to repair homes. These homes are made of mud bricks and either grass or tin roofs.
None of our property was damaged. We have been without power for several days but this is normal at this time of year.
Ps Danito is taking up an offering today to raise $150 to help some people who don't have family living in this area to repair their homes. This is a lot of money for a Mozambican church.
Please pray that Ps Danito can reach his goal and that other local churches rise to the meet the need of the people in their community. It brings God glory when the local church helps local people.



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Today we are at our fourth graduation for 2011. We have 19 pastors and leaders in this location receiving their certificates after completing the 12 month course.
This pastor is telling us how the course had helped him this year. He told us that he didn't understand the spiritual battle that exists. Now he understands that he needs to filled with the Holy Spirit to do the work of God and to win this spiritual battle.
Another pastor told us that he learnt about water baptism. Many people have been baptized without understanding the doctrine. He has taught the congregation about baptism which will help the church.

Good testimony

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The Government of Mozambique takes an interest in what we are doing in the churches.
In one place we are training the local Government leaders called our trainer to meet with them. They complemented him on our training in their area this year. Asking for a copy of every book they were very impressed by the content.
One comment made to us by these leaders was that we are releasing pastors to do their work in the community. They are seeing pastors becoming confident in the work. This is important because the true church brings peace and blessing to the people.
A testimony given in a meeting is powerful, a testimony given by an observer is even more powerful.
We are being asked to return with more training in every district we have visited. This is a great blessing in a country that is wary of the motives of strangers.


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 It's a great day for our training programme. Today one of our 9 training centers is holding a graduation. To bring this 12 month bible training to the churches comes at a cost both personally and financially. We are repaid as we hear how the training has brought understanding on the role of the church and the pastors of the church. 
We have heard testimony after testimony of pastors who have learnt to pastor the church. Many churches have been planted because the people have confidence in their roles in the church.
One pastor told us he taught Mark 7:7 for years because that's all he understood.  Now this pastor understands how to prepare a sermon from the bible to feed his people.
We have heard of many people baptized in water and the Spirit because the pastor understands the importance of doing this.
We have heard how pastors in the training have taken the manuals and trained other churches. This expands our effectiveness beyond our capacity.
Jesus will build His church but we have a role to do. We have seen our role adding value to many churches. I thank everyone involved in our ministry, you are having a great effect.

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The teachers become the students

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This is the first graduation this year with 12 pastors and leaders here graduating in our bible college course. The graduation was held in a local school with the principle and local political leader attending.
Ps Chris shared a great word and we got to hear some testimonies of how the course has helped grow the church in Mozambique.

Dean's devotion

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Each day a member of the team led a time of bible study with the teachers. By starting each day with the Word of God we hope that the staff's relationship with God is strengthened and they are encouraged to keep Jesus first in their role in the school.
When we don't have visiting teams, the teachers take turns to lead the morning devotional time.

Tim sharing with the school

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Each day the Team shared with the students their occupation and how they got to where they are today. This encouraged the school.
Without vision the people perish. We are hoping that exposure to different occupations will cause the students to think about their futures and to plan how to achieve their dreams.

Long trip

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It must have been a long trip, the Gateway team started to measure the length of each trip by the number of cokes it took to complete. A 3 Coker was about 1000km. It's rumored that I don't stop much.
Africa runs on coke. You can buy it anywhere and everywhere. I suggest to visitors to drink one a day to keep the stomach happy. It seems to work.

Using the truck to buy bricks.

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Sunday church

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Nurse Gabi

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I was so proud of Gabi yesterday - she worked tirelessly in a health clinic escorting patients from triage to the appropriate waiting areas for 3 different doctors, sitting with kids that were a bit unsure of the whole doctor process and translating into Portuguese when needed. She loved it so much she has insisted we front up for day 2 today!


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Kim is very impressed by her puff pastry pie.
We all think its great, just like mum makes.

Police check point.

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Yesterday we had training in Guro but at the same time I also needed
to pick up day old chicks from the hatchery. Marcos took a mini bus to
the training whilst I took someone to pick up the day old chicks. One
the way home Marcos got delayed and couldn't get a bus the last 40km,
he sent me an SMS to say he was staying in another town for the night.
I was in a prayer meeting and thought it was important for me to
quickly run into town and pick up Macos. On the way I realized I
didn't have my identification or documents for the car as we had paid
the insurance yesterday and had left them on the bench at home.
This was not a problem until I was stopped at a police check point.
All I had was my drivers licence which might not have proven to be
enough. The punishment is usally time in jail until someone brings
your documents to the police station, not a big deal but not something
I wanted to do at 8.30pm.
The police and I chatted about life then he waved me on without asking
to see any of my papers, what a relief!

Mount Xiluvo training

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We are at Mount Xiluvo for training on Tuesday. The training is on preaching effectively.

Many pastors have not had structure or preparation with their preaching in the past. Most did not understand the purpose of preaching. We are showing them the importance to prepare and know what they are going to say before The day they preach.

It is safe to say many Pastors will be more effective in their future preaching. The wives of some of the pastors are at the training. It's good to see a family discovering the word of God together.

Now they can prepare a topical sermon as well. It's great to hear the questions relating to improving who they are instead of the type of questions we get at the beginning of the year where one person is trying to fix their neighbour.

Catandica leader training

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Today we are in Catandica. The leaders have studied the material on winning the lost. One pastor said that he got understanding on where to fish. That we should not just cast our nets in the church but we also have to go out into the community to fish.

This is good feed back as we now know that the training is going to build the church here in Africa.

Another leader commented that the language we have used in our material is very current and is helpful to them. We can thank Camica for her work in proof reading every word in our material.

Challenging day

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Back to Africa

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 It has been a very busy and fast Furlough which has come to an end. We will be back in our home in Africa by the 12th of August. 

We have enjoyed our time catching up with friends and family. Some highlights were the ACC National Conference, visiting the snow, staying with family, and riding motor bikes.

Whilst visiting many churches over the past month we have been able to encourage people to step out and do the things they have in their hearts to do.

Some people are interested in visiting us in Africa and we look forward to hosting them and teams as they come. If you would like to visit Mozambique send us an email so we can organise the accommodation and itinerary. The best time to come is between March and November. You can fly from Australia to Johannesburg South Africa then onto Beria Mozambique where we can pick you up from the airport. 


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 I m sick yesterday until today, i want to Mt  Xiluvo today but I'm not feeling well, all my head and my body hurt. When I arrived in Mt.xiluvo I was fine, I found many leaders in class they pleased me so much.

Pastors training and what happened

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where God reveals   himself,  people start to speak in tongues, the Holy Spirit starts a work in each one. There was many miracles, because God was with us.

Every things we need do to please God our father in Jesus name the Bibles said, therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.

I was think and prayed for you because is a last days for you my brother with family, your all brothers ,sister and friend, but God told me so and I want give you this answer from God ,he said: I say to you there is no one who has left house or parents or brothers or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God , Who shall not receive many times more in this present time, and in the age to come eternal life. Lc18:29-30.

Every time we need pray for knowledge, wisdom, miracles , faith to work in believer for our needs I know God will provied.


Car inspections

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In Mozambique car inspection have just become compulsory below is an email I received from Daniel who along with his wife are staying in our home in Africa whilst we are on home leave. They are helping look after things until we return.
"The second car inspection was completed on Tuesday am. Manuel and I drove in at 3 am, and got in line and talked in the car for four hours. Several cars and trucks went in the back gate, but Manuel led a mini protest and got all of the cars that were lined up early ahead of those cars. He said it was a victory for justice in Moz."
This is what we miss out on by being away from Africa for 6 months. Its odd how quickly these long waits become normal part of life.

Banking to become available to more Mozambicans.

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(2011-06-10) The publicly owned company Correios de Moçambique (Mozambique Post Offices) is set to introduce a new postal bank by the end of this year. It will target rural areas to boost financial services in remote parts of the country.

This was disclosed in Maputo on Thursday by the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Jose Luis Rego, during a press conference to mark the company's 30th anniversary.

Established in 1981, Correios de Moçambique was transformed into a publicly owned company in 1992 in a move to separate postal services from telecommunications.

"We are planning to establish a postal bank for the expansion of formal financial services, primarily in rural and low income urban areas", said Rego.

He believes that there is enough room in the financial market to accommodate a postal bank. Recent estimates suggest that the formal banking system only covers just over 40 per cent of the population.

Rego also stated that his company intends to build its distribution capacity to ensure reliability and to speed up the delivery of parcels and mail, particularly in the business sector segment.

Rego stressed the need for his company to increase its number of clients by establishing an express mail delivery service capable of competing with the small private companies operating in that sector.

In recent years Correios de Moçambique has been through serious difficulties, including the inability to pay salaries, and has had to make use of bank loans.

The company employs 621 workers, of which over half work in Maputo.

(Source: AIM NEWS)

Dia de muitas preguntas e respostas Deus e maravilhoso

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Today was very wonderful for me, was with the shepherds of Nharichonga Nharichonga, The came with many questions about the subjects for May "the true shepherd and successful leadership". The leaders said it was some of the training that they listened to the most, provoking many questions.
One pastor got up and testified about leadership, he could not pay the cost of leadership and is leading because the top leaders chose me. Sometimes I run away from responsibility. In this course I have learned that as a leader is chosen by God there is a cost to pay, and I need to understand that cost.

One thing I found God reveals his truth to His children, please pray for me, I always want to be on the anvil for his questions, we need to please God our Lord

God bless

Chicken Agriculture project.

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We have started a chicken project for the school. We hope to give the school an element of self funding which we can use to help with the secondary school, another benefit will be educating the students in caring and raising chickens to help them have a future source of income at home. The first chicks were purchased as day old chick and have now matured to be sold. The next lot of day old chicks are in the second house getting fat ready to be sold.
We are selling the chickens at a whole sale price to allow people in our community to buy and sell chickens creating an income for them. It is exiting to see the way this project has been embraced by everyone involved in our school, it is giving people a hope for the future.
One of the problems we have encountered is the difficulty of purchasing enough day old chickens. We are planning on our return to overcome this problem by hatching our own day old chicks.

ACC National Conference.

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We have just spent the last week at our national conference. It was one big family reunion with close friends and people we haven't seen for many years everywhere. The speakers were truly inspirational! Ps Wayne Alcorn our National President spoke to each of us personally every session he was involved in, Rev Reinhardt Bonnke was at his best, Ps Steve Murrell the "accidental missionary" was on the mark and Ps Alun Davies launched our movement into a new day of international missions.
Friday was a chance for all involved in international work to be together and to be further inspired. Ps Wayne blessed us with a message before Ps Alun imparted vision, direction and unity.
As a result Kim and I have been inspired to work harder and happier in Africa. We have a great team with us and together we will see Mozambique discipled.

2011 Training

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We are currently in Australia on home leave. The training of rural church leaders is continuing with Marcos training, with the aid of the MP3 recordings. This year we are training 200 church leaders in 9 locations.
We visit each group every month for a time of questions followed by an exam. We leave the next subject with the students to study in small groups, weekly, before our next visit.
It is impossible for us to mentor 200 leaders who live more than 300km apart. The mentoring is done by a number of strong local leaders who live close to each training group. By having the students meet together once a month it helps them to build relationships with other church leaders living close by and with the regional leader. This is helping to bring unity into the local churches and at the same time the training is clearing up many doctrinal disputes.
As many of the church leaders are unable to read, the audio bible and training material we supply is the only means they have to study the bible.
Included among the students are denominational leaders, new church planters, pastors and their spouses.

2 minute video of our work in Africa

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I am in the office

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Today I fixed some of the mp3 players. Some of them needed to have the batteries changed and radio works fine. I had 20 mp3 players not working but now we have only 8 not working, please lets pray for some more batteries to fix these remaining players.
If we had more solar panels this would also help. If we have a cloudy day we are hindered from charging enough mp3 players for the following training session. The computer stopped working and so has the printer, but God knows all of our needs we can ask Him together and have the power to be a winner. Blessings in Jesus name Marcos
PS, I have been able to fix Marcos computer from Australia but have to find out more in regards to the printer problem.

Flexible children

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We are now in Brisbane staying with friends. Gabi and Thomas have continued the school programme whilst we are travelling. There are days when they have school at a park, other days its in the car, or at the local library, people's kitchen tables or lounge rooms. They seem to not even notice the changes. Why? Because this is routine for them we are often in different locations and have been most of their lives.
We have two happy and adaptable children. Thomas is a year ahead in school and Gabi gets good results. They are not suffering because we work in Africa, they are thriving. We don't have tears when its time to leave because they understand that we will be back, and we will be reunited with friends at the other end of the journey.
Some years ago when Thomas was 3 years old we walked into someone's place for dinner and Thomas asked where do I sleep? This sums up his attitude and Gabi is the same, our home is truly where our hat is.

Saturday Training

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These are the pictures for Saturday. The first one is of a pastor who was saying the study is good a study for us and now I am growing to another position (level), and the second photo is all the class in the pastors training at Chigueda with Kees.
This post was posted by Marcos
Good work, good to see you have a handle on the internet.

Back in Australia

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The Hart's set foot back in Australia on Monday in Perth in 35 degree heat, 6 hours later we were shivering in Melbourne where we were welcomed with 12 degrees. We stayed in Melbourne for 2 cold days before traveling to Adelaide where the temperature got back to a cool but "normal" level.
We have been blessed with a car to use whilst in Adelaide which has given us the freedom to get around, and catch up with friends.
Yesterday we shared at two meetings and were encouraged by the response. Aussies are good people and we are looking forward to next Sunday's meetings.

Return to Oz

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It is time for us to visit friends, family and partners in Australia. Yes it's been 3 years already. We will be spending 6 months traveling before returning to Africa. What did we miss the most...for me it is people, Gabi's first thought was Maccas, Thomas can't wait to ride a quad runner on his grandparent's farm. Kim wants the luxury of choice in the shops. Where we live you get what you can when you see it. One of our friends went home to Europe and bought 1 months supply of frozen fish, why? Because here we may not see it for another 2 months so you grab what you can, when you can. Her sister thought she was mad and asked why she couldn't go to the shops tomorrow? The sad thing was we related to the story.
We land in Melbourne on the 28th of February, then off to Adelaide on the 2nd of March. Then South East Queensland on the 16th of March after that N.S.W. before returning to Queensland and back to Africa in August, tired? I am sure we will be! Might be safer not to ask how we are enjoying the "break". We plan to visit as many churches as possible to encourage people to change the world one life at a time. If you would like us to visit please contact us so we can arrange a time.
We haven't had the internet at home for 12 months, that was hard to live with as our computer is our link to the rest of the world. We at least know that we will have internet when we return as a system exists to allow us to have radio broadband. When I left Oz in 2008 I was up with the latest gadgets now I think I may be a tad behind. Kim tells me school students use laptops and apple is no longer for nerds...what????
The photo is of an African market tailor.


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Every week on our way to training we see a truck accident along the road. Today it was a minor problem with a trailer wanting to be in front of the cab.

Pastor training with Marcos

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This year I have Marcos helping with the training. Here is a photo of our training session at Teca in Mozambique. We have 27 church leaders taking the exam today.
This year we have 9 locations where we are running our course. Marcos will continue with the training whilst we are spending time in Australia from March until August. He is praying for a Honda XL 125 motor bike to help him do this work please pray with us for this it will help him save traveling time.

Blown transformer

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We have many electrical storms this time of year. The rain is very welcome, our maize crops are looking fantastic and it should be a good harvest. Every farmer knows you don't have a crop until its in the silo, we can be optomistic though.
On the 8th of January we had an electrical storm that killed 6 people in our local area. We could see lightning striking the ground close to our house. The storm came quickly and was amazingly fierce. The lightning and thunder were similtaneous and stayed close for a long time. Our power lines were struck, taking out our transformer and when the power supply company came 3 days later to restore our electricity the transformer caught fire and blew up leaving us without power until now. We share the transformer with 5 family homes, a boy's home, a school and a shop. A friend of ours lent us a small generator to help us through. So we have been able to charge phones, use a computer as well as having had a light. We were unable to keep the fridge cold so it's been interesting living without a fridge. Kim is a champion, she has been able to not just cope but make it seem like it is not too much of a problem. Try not going to the fridge for a day....normally I can't walk past it without opening to see what is inside. There are many types of fasts, hope this counts.
Good news is that a new transformer was donated to us from friends of the boy's home in South Africa and arrived yesterday. Today we may have normal power back.
We are grateful that none of our friends were hurt but are saddened to hear of so many killed close by.


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We have had many electrical storms over the past month knocking out our power transformer leaving us with out power until “we” can replace it with a new one. We borrowed a small generator and saw on the news the devastation that floods are causing in Australia. Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected.