Blown transformer

1:36 PM Harts for Africa 1 Comments

We have many electrical storms this time of year. The rain is very welcome, our maize crops are looking fantastic and it should be a good harvest. Every farmer knows you don't have a crop until its in the silo, we can be optomistic though.
On the 8th of January we had an electrical storm that killed 6 people in our local area. We could see lightning striking the ground close to our house. The storm came quickly and was amazingly fierce. The lightning and thunder were similtaneous and stayed close for a long time. Our power lines were struck, taking out our transformer and when the power supply company came 3 days later to restore our electricity the transformer caught fire and blew up leaving us without power until now. We share the transformer with 5 family homes, a boy's home, a school and a shop. A friend of ours lent us a small generator to help us through. So we have been able to charge phones, use a computer as well as having had a light. We were unable to keep the fridge cold so it's been interesting living without a fridge. Kim is a champion, she has been able to not just cope but make it seem like it is not too much of a problem. Try not going to the fridge for a day....normally I can't walk past it without opening to see what is inside. There are many types of fasts, hope this counts.
Good news is that a new transformer was donated to us from friends of the boy's home in South Africa and arrived yesterday. Today we may have normal power back.
We are grateful that none of our friends were hurt but are saddened to hear of so many killed close by.