Return to Oz

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It is time for us to visit friends, family and partners in Australia. Yes it's been 3 years already. We will be spending 6 months traveling before returning to Africa. What did we miss the most...for me it is people, Gabi's first thought was Maccas, Thomas can't wait to ride a quad runner on his grandparent's farm. Kim wants the luxury of choice in the shops. Where we live you get what you can when you see it. One of our friends went home to Europe and bought 1 months supply of frozen fish, why? Because here we may not see it for another 2 months so you grab what you can, when you can. Her sister thought she was mad and asked why she couldn't go to the shops tomorrow? The sad thing was we related to the story.
We land in Melbourne on the 28th of February, then off to Adelaide on the 2nd of March. Then South East Queensland on the 16th of March after that N.S.W. before returning to Queensland and back to Africa in August, tired? I am sure we will be! Might be safer not to ask how we are enjoying the "break". We plan to visit as many churches as possible to encourage people to change the world one life at a time. If you would like us to visit please contact us so we can arrange a time.
We haven't had the internet at home for 12 months, that was hard to live with as our computer is our link to the rest of the world. We at least know that we will have internet when we return as a system exists to allow us to have radio broadband. When I left Oz in 2008 I was up with the latest gadgets now I think I may be a tad behind. Kim tells me school students use laptops and apple is no longer for nerds...what????
The photo is of an African market tailor.