I am in the office

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Today I fixed some of the mp3 players. Some of them needed to have the batteries changed and radio works fine. I had 20 mp3 players not working but now we have only 8 not working, please lets pray for some more batteries to fix these remaining players.
If we had more solar panels this would also help. If we have a cloudy day we are hindered from charging enough mp3 players for the following training session. The computer stopped working and so has the printer, but God knows all of our needs we can ask Him together and have the power to be a winner. Blessings in Jesus name Marcos
PS, I have been able to fix Marcos computer from Australia but have to find out more in regards to the printer problem.

Flexible children

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We are now in Brisbane staying with friends. Gabi and Thomas have continued the school programme whilst we are travelling. There are days when they have school at a park, other days its in the car, or at the local library, people's kitchen tables or lounge rooms. They seem to not even notice the changes. Why? Because this is routine for them we are often in different locations and have been most of their lives.
We have two happy and adaptable children. Thomas is a year ahead in school and Gabi gets good results. They are not suffering because we work in Africa, they are thriving. We don't have tears when its time to leave because they understand that we will be back, and we will be reunited with friends at the other end of the journey.
Some years ago when Thomas was 3 years old we walked into someone's place for dinner and Thomas asked where do I sleep? This sums up his attitude and Gabi is the same, our home is truly where our hat is.

Saturday Training

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These are the pictures for Saturday. The first one is of a pastor who was saying the study is good a study for us and now I am growing to another position (level), and the second photo is all the class in the pastors training at Chigueda with Kees.
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Good work, good to see you have a handle on the internet.

Back in Australia

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The Hart's set foot back in Australia on Monday in Perth in 35 degree heat, 6 hours later we were shivering in Melbourne where we were welcomed with 12 degrees. We stayed in Melbourne for 2 cold days before traveling to Adelaide where the temperature got back to a cool but "normal" level.
We have been blessed with a car to use whilst in Adelaide which has given us the freedom to get around, and catch up with friends.
Yesterday we shared at two meetings and were encouraged by the response. Aussies are good people and we are looking forward to next Sunday's meetings.