2011 Training

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We are currently in Australia on home leave. The training of rural church leaders is continuing with Marcos training, with the aid of the MP3 recordings. This year we are training 200 church leaders in 9 locations.
We visit each group every month for a time of questions followed by an exam. We leave the next subject with the students to study in small groups, weekly, before our next visit.
It is impossible for us to mentor 200 leaders who live more than 300km apart. The mentoring is done by a number of strong local leaders who live close to each training group. By having the students meet together once a month it helps them to build relationships with other church leaders living close by and with the regional leader. This is helping to bring unity into the local churches and at the same time the training is clearing up many doctrinal disputes.
As many of the church leaders are unable to read, the audio bible and training material we supply is the only means they have to study the bible.
Included among the students are denominational leaders, new church planters, pastors and their spouses.