Chicken Agriculture project.

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We have started a chicken project for the school. We hope to give the school an element of self funding which we can use to help with the secondary school, another benefit will be educating the students in caring and raising chickens to help them have a future source of income at home. The first chicks were purchased as day old chick and have now matured to be sold. The next lot of day old chicks are in the second house getting fat ready to be sold.
We are selling the chickens at a whole sale price to allow people in our community to buy and sell chickens creating an income for them. It is exiting to see the way this project has been embraced by everyone involved in our school, it is giving people a hope for the future.
One of the problems we have encountered is the difficulty of purchasing enough day old chickens. We are planning on our return to overcome this problem by hatching our own day old chicks.