Dia de muitas preguntas e respostas Deus e maravilhoso

4:20 PM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

Today was very wonderful for me, was with the shepherds of Nharichonga Nharichonga, The came with many questions about the subjects for May "the true shepherd and successful leadership". The leaders said it was some of the training that they listened to the most, provoking many questions.
One pastor got up and testified about leadership, he could not pay the cost of leadership and is leading because the top leaders chose me. Sometimes I run away from responsibility. In this course I have learned that as a leader is chosen by God there is a cost to pay, and I need to understand that cost.

One thing I found God reveals his truth to His children, please pray for me, I always want to be on the anvil for his questions, we need to please God our Lord

God bless