Back to Africa

2:32 PM Harts for Africa 1 Comments

 It has been a very busy and fast Furlough which has come to an end. We will be back in our home in Africa by the 12th of August. 

We have enjoyed our time catching up with friends and family. Some highlights were the ACC National Conference, visiting the snow, staying with family, and riding motor bikes.

Whilst visiting many churches over the past month we have been able to encourage people to step out and do the things they have in their hearts to do.

Some people are interested in visiting us in Africa and we look forward to hosting them and teams as they come. If you would like to visit Mozambique send us an email so we can organise the accommodation and itinerary. The best time to come is between March and November. You can fly from Australia to Johannesburg South Africa then onto Beria Mozambique where we can pick you up from the airport.