Nurse Gabi

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I was so proud of Gabi yesterday - she worked tirelessly in a health clinic escorting patients from triage to the appropriate waiting areas for 3 different doctors, sitting with kids that were a bit unsure of the whole doctor process and translating into Portuguese when needed. She loved it so much she has insisted we front up for day 2 today!


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Kim is very impressed by her puff pastry pie.
We all think its great, just like mum makes.

Police check point.

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Yesterday we had training in Guro but at the same time I also needed
to pick up day old chicks from the hatchery. Marcos took a mini bus to
the training whilst I took someone to pick up the day old chicks. One
the way home Marcos got delayed and couldn't get a bus the last 40km,
he sent me an SMS to say he was staying in another town for the night.
I was in a prayer meeting and thought it was important for me to
quickly run into town and pick up Macos. On the way I realized I
didn't have my identification or documents for the car as we had paid
the insurance yesterday and had left them on the bench at home.
This was not a problem until I was stopped at a police check point.
All I had was my drivers licence which might not have proven to be
enough. The punishment is usally time in jail until someone brings
your documents to the police station, not a big deal but not something
I wanted to do at 8.30pm.
The police and I chatted about life then he waved me on without asking
to see any of my papers, what a relief!

Mount Xiluvo training

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We are at Mount Xiluvo for training on Tuesday. The training is on preaching effectively.

Many pastors have not had structure or preparation with their preaching in the past. Most did not understand the purpose of preaching. We are showing them the importance to prepare and know what they are going to say before The day they preach.

It is safe to say many Pastors will be more effective in their future preaching. The wives of some of the pastors are at the training. It's good to see a family discovering the word of God together.

Now they can prepare a topical sermon as well. It's great to hear the questions relating to improving who they are instead of the type of questions we get at the beginning of the year where one person is trying to fix their neighbour.