Police check point.

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Yesterday we had training in Guro but at the same time I also needed
to pick up day old chicks from the hatchery. Marcos took a mini bus to
the training whilst I took someone to pick up the day old chicks. One
the way home Marcos got delayed and couldn't get a bus the last 40km,
he sent me an SMS to say he was staying in another town for the night.
I was in a prayer meeting and thought it was important for me to
quickly run into town and pick up Macos. On the way I realized I
didn't have my identification or documents for the car as we had paid
the insurance yesterday and had left them on the bench at home.
This was not a problem until I was stopped at a police check point.
All I had was my drivers licence which might not have proven to be
enough. The punishment is usally time in jail until someone brings
your documents to the police station, not a big deal but not something
I wanted to do at 8.30pm.
The police and I chatted about life then he waved me on without asking
to see any of my papers, what a relief!