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We had a wild storm here the other night. In a village of 250 homes 30 have been damaged. One employee lost his roof, his mother lost her roof and 2 other members of the family lost walls and roofs. This makes it hard as family members pool money to repair homes. These homes are made of mud bricks and either grass or tin roofs.
None of our property was damaged. We have been without power for several days but this is normal at this time of year.
Ps Danito is taking up an offering today to raise $150 to help some people who don't have family living in this area to repair their homes. This is a lot of money for a Mozambican church.
Please pray that Ps Danito can reach his goal and that other local churches rise to the meet the need of the people in their community. It brings God glory when the local church helps local people.



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Today we are at our fourth graduation for 2011. We have 19 pastors and leaders in this location receiving their certificates after completing the 12 month course.
This pastor is telling us how the course had helped him this year. He told us that he didn't understand the spiritual battle that exists. Now he understands that he needs to filled with the Holy Spirit to do the work of God and to win this spiritual battle.
Another pastor told us that he learnt about water baptism. Many people have been baptized without understanding the doctrine. He has taught the congregation about baptism which will help the church.

Good testimony

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The Government of Mozambique takes an interest in what we are doing in the churches.
In one place we are training the local Government leaders called our trainer to meet with them. They complemented him on our training in their area this year. Asking for a copy of every book they were very impressed by the content.
One comment made to us by these leaders was that we are releasing pastors to do their work in the community. They are seeing pastors becoming confident in the work. This is important because the true church brings peace and blessing to the people.
A testimony given in a meeting is powerful, a testimony given by an observer is even more powerful.
We are being asked to return with more training in every district we have visited. This is a great blessing in a country that is wary of the motives of strangers.


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 It's a great day for our training programme. Today one of our 9 training centers is holding a graduation. To bring this 12 month bible training to the churches comes at a cost both personally and financially. We are repaid as we hear how the training has brought understanding on the role of the church and the pastors of the church. 
We have heard testimony after testimony of pastors who have learnt to pastor the church. Many churches have been planted because the people have confidence in their roles in the church.
One pastor told us he taught Mark 7:7 for years because that's all he understood.  Now this pastor understands how to prepare a sermon from the bible to feed his people.
We have heard of many people baptized in water and the Spirit because the pastor understands the importance of doing this.
We have heard how pastors in the training have taken the manuals and trained other churches. This expands our effectiveness beyond our capacity.
Jesus will build His church but we have a role to do. We have seen our role adding value to many churches. I thank everyone involved in our ministry, you are having a great effect.

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The teachers become the students

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This is the first graduation this year with 12 pastors and leaders here graduating in our bible college course. The graduation was held in a local school with the principle and local political leader attending.
Ps Chris shared a great word and we got to hear some testimonies of how the course has helped grow the church in Mozambique.

Dean's devotion

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Each day a member of the team led a time of bible study with the teachers. By starting each day with the Word of God we hope that the staff's relationship with God is strengthened and they are encouraged to keep Jesus first in their role in the school.
When we don't have visiting teams, the teachers take turns to lead the morning devotional time.

Tim sharing with the school

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Each day the Team shared with the students their occupation and how they got to where they are today. This encouraged the school.
Without vision the people perish. We are hoping that exposure to different occupations will cause the students to think about their futures and to plan how to achieve their dreams.

Long trip

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It must have been a long trip, the Gateway team started to measure the length of each trip by the number of cokes it took to complete. A 3 Coker was about 1000km. It's rumored that I don't stop much.
Africa runs on coke. You can buy it anywhere and everywhere. I suggest to visitors to drink one a day to keep the stomach happy. It seems to work.