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 It's a great day for our training programme. Today one of our 9 training centers is holding a graduation. To bring this 12 month bible training to the churches comes at a cost both personally and financially. We are repaid as we hear how the training has brought understanding on the role of the church and the pastors of the church. 
We have heard testimony after testimony of pastors who have learnt to pastor the church. Many churches have been planted because the people have confidence in their roles in the church.
One pastor told us he taught Mark 7:7 for years because that's all he understood.  Now this pastor understands how to prepare a sermon from the bible to feed his people.
We have heard of many people baptized in water and the Spirit because the pastor understands the importance of doing this.
We have heard how pastors in the training have taken the manuals and trained other churches. This expands our effectiveness beyond our capacity.
Jesus will build His church but we have a role to do. We have seen our role adding value to many churches. I thank everyone involved in our ministry, you are having a great effect.