Harley for Chistmas

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I got a Harley for Christmas must be the luckiest guy ever.

Catindica Graduation

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We are celebrating with the pastors and leaders who have graduated from our course in Catindica.
We are joined today by the regional government leader and his wife. This is a great honor as it shows that the government respects the role of the church.
The Administrator told us that the course is helping to change his area for the better. The pastors have more God in them and are helping to grow the people. He asked the gradients not to stop now but do the work they have been trained to do. This is a church planting and discipleship course. Therefore the government is asking them to plant churches and make disciples, great news for Mozambique.

Guro Graduation.

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We are at Guro graduation. We have seen good fruit come out of our training in this district. Great testimonies have been shared and we are sure that many more are to come.
We even got to enjoy warm coke, a specialty in the African bush.