Church in the rain

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We enjoyed church in a local church with a grass roof. When it started to rain it was musical chairs to get out of the drips.
It didn't dampen the spirits of the people. Church was full of testimonies of Gods goodness.
The rain is a blessing it is helping the maize crops.

Work horse

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We have had a great year with the bible college. As we travel to every training our car is our office most of the week.
We have a Prado which is a great work horse and all year each time I stepped into it and turned the key, the reliable 4x4 got us where we needed to go.
On Tuesday set off to a graduation into a remote area that is cut off in the wet season because the road becomes a mess. It rained for 36 hours before we left home and the road was tricky but we arrived at our destination to the surprise of locals who thought graduation may have been cancelled. It rained more whilst we were there. On the way home I was doing everything to keep us from getting stuck. The good ol' Prado took the punishment and got us home without getting bogged.
Our last Graduation for the year was close to 250km from home. On the way home the Prado made some noises that should not be made. We stopped, checked out where the noise was coming from and thought we had gearbox trouble. We limped home without being able to accelerate quickly or maintain speed up hill. The closer we got to home the worse it got until we pulled into the drive way relieved to have made it.
After investigation and a phone call to a mechanic friend in Australia we discovered the drive chain in the transfer case needs replacing. Kent helped pull it out and today it's on the way to South Africa with Roger and Amanda who planned to go now that graduations are finished.
The transfer case should be back on Friday for us to replace.
I am so thankful that the car is not vital this week, it broke down after the work was done. Now that's a work horse!


Meal time

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In Africa a large part of the population does not eat pre prepared meals. For them each meal eaten comes from the garden. One of the staple foods is maize flour. To eat maize flour a family must prepare the ground, plant the seed, harvest the cob, take the maize off the cob, remove the husk and grind the maize into flour. Throughout communities there are flour mills like the one in the photo, where households will take a few meals worth of maize to mill it ready to cook.

I am sure that some children in the west would not know the process it takes to produce flour, where as there are children in Africa that would never have seen flour in a packet.

This is the time of year that people are planting or preparing to plant the maize crop. We are praying for good rains this season to allow the people to enjoy a bountiful harvest.


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On Saturday we had our first graduation for 2012. 40 students started the course in Gorongosa at the beginning of the year. On Saturday 20 pastors and leaders graduated and received their certificates and a bible. 

We had a great time together, with the graduates and their families and friends. After our official ceremony we enjoyed a meal of goat and chicken, with a local non-alcoholic drink called maheo made from fermented maize flour. 
This week we have 2 graduations with more the following week.


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Its time for our students to graduate. This month we will host 8 graduations with 150 pastors and leaders completing the years training.
For me the highlight at each graduation is hearing the testimonies of how people have implemented the training they have received, and how it has caused them to grow. I look forward to sharing some of these testimonies with you.
As part of graduation we give each student a bible, we pray that they read and apply the word of God continually.

Team visit.

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A team visited from Highway Church Kingaroy. They helped with a building project and spent time training and running a puppet show. in the photos we see some children fascinated by some illusions, one of our friends taking part in the show and the last image show us collecting stone for the building.

CAM training and Ministry Centre

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We are building a training centre in Catandica to help us to train Pastors and leaders as well as run other courses to help the local church.

Teachers Day

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The role of women in the church.

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In our region we have a female Governor, a female Administrator and several female government department heads, yet I have never met a Mozambican lady in Mozambique who would call herself a church leader.
This prompted us to invite a friend from Australia to come and speak to African church leaders about the role of women in the church. Ps Linda spoke to many groups during her 2 weeks with us and was well received by all. She told her testimony on how she became a pastor and what the bible says about women in leadership roles.
We hope these seminars will allow wives and daughters to answer the call of God for them and enable the men to give them space to function in the church. Together we are better.


Zimbabwe school visit.

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During the recent school holidays, the Principal of our school, Deputy Principal and myself visited a primary school in Zimbabwe. The objective was to understand why Zimbabweans moving to Mozambique had more opportunity to be chosen in leadership roles for businesses over Mozambicans with the same level of education.
At the same time we wanted to bring back any useful changes to help our primary school provide better education.
We met with the Principal of a primary school of 2000 students. He was a very capable man born into the Shona tribe, the same tribe as our community in Mozambique. He spent most of the day showing us around the school explaining the strategy behind what they do. Most of the conversation took place in the Shona language which I don't speak but the visit wasn't for me it was for our school leadership. We became good friends over the course of our time there and hope that in the near future they can bring key staff and a football team to visit us in our Mozambican school. This would benefit our staff and students in a big brother type relationship.
For me the most encouraging part of our journey has been watching things we learnt being implemented by our team without my influence. The staff want Saturday workshops to help them become more effective.
I pray that our Principal Arone can build a strong relationship with our Zimbabwean friend a glean from his experience.


Girls football team

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Saturday football

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We had an inter-school football game on Saturday.
The girls team won 1-0 in a free flowing game. The boys played well in a 3-0 loss. We were proud of the teams effort, the boys played against a team with with many of the opposition being years older then them, they did not complain but just kept playing hard.


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Testing the word

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On the 18th of April I wrote "When I said that the Holy Spirit is able to heal when you pray, a lady brought her child straight out to be prayed for. The child is aged 2 and cries constantly. When we prayed, the child stopped crying but that could have been for several reasons including healing. We will wait until next months meeting to ask if God healed this small child. Praying for a great testimony. "

Yesterday we received the testimony that this child was healed after prayer and has indeed stopped crying and is better, praise God!



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We have started a rabbit project. The aim is to see if it's possible to raise them in a simple manner to help provide meat and income in local homes.

Article from Investors Club Mozambique

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The final version of the bill incorporates all the amendments proposed by the Assembly's Commission on Constitutional and Legal Matters. The most significant of these is that duties and prohibitions that applied only to parliamentary deputies in the initial government bill now extend to members of all public bodies.

The article that has aroused most interest initially barred all deputies from receiving wages or fees from other public institutions and companies. This was seen as targeting those parliamentarians from the ruling Frelimo Party who also sit on the boards of companies.

For example, the Chairperson of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Commission, Teodoro Waty, is also chairperson of the board of Mozambique Airlines, and the head of the Frelimo parliamentary group, Margarida Talapa, sits on the board of the publicly-owned mobile phone company, M-Cel.

The version passed on Friday extends this ban to all holders of public office (e.g. members of the executive at central, provincial, district and local levels). None of these officials will now be entitled to draw remuneration from other public bodies (except for teaching duties, intellectual property rights, or pensions from jobs held in the past).

A section in the initial bill concerning duties specific to judges and prosecutors has been withdrawn. The Assembly regarded these as matters that should be covered in the statutes of these professions.

One change significant for media professionals is that the amended bill bans all holders of public office from recruiting journalists still active in the media as their press attaches or consultants. This should end the practice of journalists working both as reporters and as government advisors, long criticized as compromising media independence.

A further useful amendment is a requirement that all public servants must obey legal deadlines, and avoid any unjustified delays in answering requests. Anyone who holds up decision for no good reasons can be subjected to disciplinary and civil proceedings.

The bill forbids public servants from "from promoting party, political and religious activities" in their workplace, during normal working hours. There is no ban on a political party such as Frelimo having branches inside the state – but the members of those branches can only hold meetings in their own time and not that of the state.

The final version maintains intact the obligation of all members of elected political bodies (the parliament itself, mayors, and the municipal and provincial assemblies) to declare their assets. This obligation extends to appointed political officials such as ministers, deputy ministers, and provincial governors, and to all judges, all public prosecutors, all managers in the central and local state apparatus, directors of the Bank of Mozambique, senior staff in the Mozambique Tax Authority, managers of the assets of the armed forces and the police, and the managers of public institutes, funds and foundations, public companies, and companies in which the state owns shares.

At the suggestion of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Commission, the declarations will be deposited with the Attorney-General's office – with the exception of the declarations of the Attorney-General himself and other prosecutors, which will be held by the Administrative Tribunal.

The bill was passed by the votes of the 175 deputies present from Frelimo and the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM). The 39 deputies of Renamo abstained – even though Renamo members had supported the initial bill, and had voted for the final version inside the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Commission.

Explaining the abstention, Renamo deputy Manuel Pereira complained that there had only been an interval of two hours between passage of the first reading of the bill on Wednesday, and the committee stage. "This did not allow consultation", he claimed.

Renamo also objected to the change of name of the bill (from "Law on Code of Ethics for Public Servants" to "Law on Public Probity"), and predicted that the people holding both parliamentary seats and positions on the boards of public companies would go on doing so, despite the bill.

It is true that some Frelimo deputies had claimed on Wednesday that this part of the bill could only take effect as from the next general elections, due in late 2014. The argument was that the regime of incompatibilities for parliamentarians could not be changed halfway through a parliamentary sitting. Some of the Mozambican media then assumed that this would indeed be the case.

But there is no mention of the date 2014 in the bill as passed. It simply states that the bill will become law 90 days after its publication. This refers to publication in the official gazette, the "Boletim da Republica", which is automatic as soon as President Armando Guebuza has promulgated the bill. Even allowing for delays at the government printing house, this law is certain to take effect by the end of this year,

On or before that date the Frelimo deputies who are currently also paid for work on the boards of public companies must choose – either they resign from their Assembly seats, or they give up their company positions. The bill as passed does not seem to allow any other interpretation.


Prayer answered.

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Our neighbour showed me his paperwork to reopen his business and thanked us for our prayers. God is good.

Prayer request

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When we hit red tape here it slows things down, when a local person hits red tape it can take the food from their table. Please pray for our neighbour who's business was shut down by officials this week, even though he applied for a license to operate in 2011. His and the families of the people he employed have lost their income.
He came to ask for our prayer.
He needs his license to be approved quickly so they can get back to business ASAP.


Sweet potato

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On the way home from training we stopped to see if these sweet potatoes were cheap. Each large bucket of sweet potatoes cost $1.50

Grandmothers house

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We build this house in the village for a grandmother who was living in our school grounds, to allow us to build our high school. She now has the best home in the village.

Aussie Team

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What makes people put their life as they know it on hold for for 12 months to come to Africa? We are grateful for Kent and Sharon along with their four children Heidi, Hamish, Jemima and Amity who arrived at the end of February to help with our school Agricultural projects. They arrived at the same time as Melissa who has come to Africa for 12 months to help home school Gabi and Thomas.

In April we also saw the arrival of Roger and Amanda who have committed to 2 years to assist in the bible college programme and the child headed family ministry.

This is a huge step of faith that promises to be life changing and rewarding. We know that this year many lives will be touched. Please keep all the team in your prayers as they settle into life in Mozambique.

Painting by Trish for the President.

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This is the painting that Trish (leader of Maforga Mission) gave to President Armando Guebuza. What a gifted artist.

Presidents arrival.

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Yesterday was declared a public holiday as our district had a visit from the national leader President Armando Guebuza. We were asked by the local government administrator to use our truck to take people from our village the 30km to see the President. It was standing room only with much flag waving and singing on the way. We were grateful that the rain stopped the night before.
We arrived at 8:00 and crowd was growing steadily. It was a festival atmosphere. The national leader arrived by helicopter shortly after.
Much hand shaking, singing, dancing and speeches took place before President Guebuza addressed the crowd and then gave 10 people the chance to air grievances. Some serious issues were raised, hopefully prompting changes in the near future. These public grievances are taken seriously with President Guebuza responding to each issue and telling the crowd the process of resolution. In past years public officials have been removed from their positions as a result of this process. 
I needed to make two trips on our return as we couldn't fit everyone in it seemed everyone enjoyed the day and will talk about the time they got to see President Armando Guebuza.


Presidents visit

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Testing the word!

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I was teaching about baptism in the Holy Spirit. When I said that the Holy Spirit is able to heal when you pray, a lady brought her child straight out to be prayed for. The child is aged 2 and cries constantly. When we prayed, the child stopped crying but that could have been for several reasons including healing. We will wait until next months meeting to ask if God healed this small child. Praying for a great testimony.

The photo is of pastors and leaders seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Inside the new shed.

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Ready for the floor.

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First chickens in.

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Roof is on.

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Roof going on.

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Hard work done.

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Mobile scaffold

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Building a chicken shed

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Chicken shed

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Since getting goats late last year we have seen 5 kids born and growing well.
On the down side we have had dry mums (no milk) so have had to bottle feed some of the kids. Saw the vet and got the correct treatment for the flock to avoid future problems. We lost 3 kids before sorting that out.
We lost a buck, he died of an unexplained cause. The vet thinks he might of eaten something toxic.
This past week we have had 2 mal presented kids causing both to be still born and one mother needed to be put down. One mother was saved thanks to Amy a visiting vet.
Are we not blessed by God? Why are we having so much trouble with an animal that is renown for it's toughness? This week I got my answer on this. One of our neighbors had a goat that had insufficient milk when the kid was born, I was able to suggest a possible solution. This person could not afford to visit a vet but can afford to treat her small flock.
My point is maybe at times our trials are not about us but could be setting us up to be able to bless others.


Training today

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Last year we postponed training in one location due to our return to Australia for a period of 6 months.
Our trainer Marco couldn't use public transport to get to this place as it's deep in the bush so we asked the leaders if they would mind waiting until 2011 to receive training.
Today we are training in that location and the numbers in the course has increased today we have 31 leaders present and many gave their apologies due to a Government meeting taking place today.
This time the pastors didn't bring their wives. We expect next time we come we will have many more in the course due to us explaining the need for female leaders to be trained in the word if God.
The photo below shows a selection
of pastors in the church we are training in.

Selling chickens

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When people knock at our door asking for a hand out, I ask them what is their plan to overcome this situation?....most have not thought about it and I have never heard a plan...I pray this will change.

To help somebody is important if we help in a positive way. Many times I wonder if I am indeed helping people to stay in poverty by giving them a hand out, therefore I am helping in a negative way. By sitting with someone and helping them to think of a way out of their current situation maybe I will help them to help themselves.

We are demonstrating businesses that the local people are able to copy themselves. We are educating the local children in a school that achieves more than the surrounding schools. Just as important we are equipping the local church to teach the Word of God. I am sure these are positive handouts that will help people have a different tomorrow.

Pray for Mozambique

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Mozambique is populated by about 23 million precious souls - each one is a solid reason why we should pray for this needy nation! When one of these turns to the Faith, heaven rejoices. Based on 2 Chronicles 7:14, Church and Prayer leaders are calling for a global year of united prayer for Mozambique. In Mozambique believers will be encouraged to: 

. Pray and Fast throughout 2012 using a fasting and prayer chain. Each province to take a month of the year to fast. . Every province fasts again in December, 2012.

. Families to pray together during daily family devotions.

. Prayer partners of the same gender to pray regularly.

. Local assemblies to pray every time they meet

. Christians in the marketplace to pray at break time during the day

. Solemn Assemblies will be organized for the last Sunday of each month

If you wish to pray for Mozambique a Prayer Guide is provided on the website  

Source: Global Day of Prayer

Year 8

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We had planned to open a high school in 2012. Two classrooms are built and ready. The Government has been unable to return our paperwork with the required signatures in time for us to open. This has caused quite a stir amongst the people around us with many of them visiting local government offices asking for an explanation.  

I was called along with the School Principal to meet with our local government leader to explain why we have not opened the doors for year 8 in 2012, when we explained all we have done to help the process along, we were assured he will investigate the delay and meet with the community to explain the situation. We trust that the papers will be signed now assuring that we can open a high school for 2013.

Ag projects.

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Our agriculture projects are going well. We have 900 chickens ready to sell next week and are currently building 2 additional sheds that will contain 3000 chickens each. We also have 30 goats and this month 2 new kids were born with another 3 goats close to giving birth. These guys are proving to be great lawn mowers with the added bonus of teaching the primary school students how to care for and raise livestock.

We have planted a hectare of maize and hope to harvest more this year than last year.



2012 New Opportunities.

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As we enter a new year it’s a great chance to reflect on the achievements of 2011 and set goals for 2012. 2011 was a good year of ministry in Africa, we trained over 200 church leaders, with more than 180 passing the course. They in turn planted 117 new churches from a position of strength. These leaders also saw 330 first time salvations, baptised 750 people in water, and baptised 500 people in the Holy Spirit. This is what ministry is about, the disciples doing the work of the ministry.

In 2012 we are training in 8 locations but expect more leaders as our course is gaining recognition. At every location we held our bible training last year, the leaders want us to continue with them in 2012 promising more students but we have a commitment to strengthen churches in new locations. This is significant as we do not assist any church leaders financially, if God has called them He will provide for them. We help by investing in discipleship, bringing training to the church at a zero cost.

 We are hoping to welcome a new member onto the team this month to assist with the training and to help us prepare new subjects to take back in future years to the locations where we have already held the course.


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·         Gabi has been inspired, she has found my reading plan and has started daily readings....she is 9 how are you doing?

Her devotion yesterday. Ps 139:17 How precious are your thoughts about me, O God, they cannot be numbered: God thinks about you every minute of the day....He loves you with all His heart...He has great plans for us.....