2012 New Opportunities.

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As we enter a new year it’s a great chance to reflect on the achievements of 2011 and set goals for 2012. 2011 was a good year of ministry in Africa, we trained over 200 church leaders, with more than 180 passing the course. They in turn planted 117 new churches from a position of strength. These leaders also saw 330 first time salvations, baptised 750 people in water, and baptised 500 people in the Holy Spirit. This is what ministry is about, the disciples doing the work of the ministry.

In 2012 we are training in 8 locations but expect more leaders as our course is gaining recognition. At every location we held our bible training last year, the leaders want us to continue with them in 2012 promising more students but we have a commitment to strengthen churches in new locations. This is significant as we do not assist any church leaders financially, if God has called them He will provide for them. We help by investing in discipleship, bringing training to the church at a zero cost.

 We are hoping to welcome a new member onto the team this month to assist with the training and to help us prepare new subjects to take back in future years to the locations where we have already held the course.