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Last year we postponed training in one location due to our return to Australia for a period of 6 months.
Our trainer Marco couldn't use public transport to get to this place as it's deep in the bush so we asked the leaders if they would mind waiting until 2011 to receive training.
Today we are training in that location and the numbers in the course has increased today we have 31 leaders present and many gave their apologies due to a Government meeting taking place today.
This time the pastors didn't bring their wives. We expect next time we come we will have many more in the course due to us explaining the need for female leaders to be trained in the word if God.
The photo below shows a selection
of pastors in the church we are training in.

Selling chickens

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When people knock at our door asking for a hand out, I ask them what is their plan to overcome this situation?....most have not thought about it and I have never heard a plan...I pray this will change.

To help somebody is important if we help in a positive way. Many times I wonder if I am indeed helping people to stay in poverty by giving them a hand out, therefore I am helping in a negative way. By sitting with someone and helping them to think of a way out of their current situation maybe I will help them to help themselves.

We are demonstrating businesses that the local people are able to copy themselves. We are educating the local children in a school that achieves more than the surrounding schools. Just as important we are equipping the local church to teach the Word of God. I am sure these are positive handouts that will help people have a different tomorrow.

Pray for Mozambique

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Mozambique is populated by about 23 million precious souls - each one is a solid reason why we should pray for this needy nation! When one of these turns to the Faith, heaven rejoices. Based on 2 Chronicles 7:14, Church and Prayer leaders are calling for a global year of united prayer for Mozambique. In Mozambique believers will be encouraged to: 

. Pray and Fast throughout 2012 using a fasting and prayer chain. Each province to take a month of the year to fast. . Every province fasts again in December, 2012.

. Families to pray together during daily family devotions.

. Prayer partners of the same gender to pray regularly.

. Local assemblies to pray every time they meet

. Christians in the marketplace to pray at break time during the day

. Solemn Assemblies will be organized for the last Sunday of each month

If you wish to pray for Mozambique a Prayer Guide is provided on the website  

Source: Global Day of Prayer