Pray for Mozambique

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Mozambique is populated by about 23 million precious souls - each one is a solid reason why we should pray for this needy nation! When one of these turns to the Faith, heaven rejoices. Based on 2 Chronicles 7:14, Church and Prayer leaders are calling for a global year of united prayer for Mozambique. In Mozambique believers will be encouraged to: 

. Pray and Fast throughout 2012 using a fasting and prayer chain. Each province to take a month of the year to fast. . Every province fasts again in December, 2012.

. Families to pray together during daily family devotions.

. Prayer partners of the same gender to pray regularly.

. Local assemblies to pray every time they meet

. Christians in the marketplace to pray at break time during the day

. Solemn Assemblies will be organized for the last Sunday of each month

If you wish to pray for Mozambique a Prayer Guide is provided on the website  

Source: Global Day of Prayer