Painting by Trish for the President.

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This is the painting that Trish (leader of Maforga Mission) gave to President Armando Guebuza. What a gifted artist.

Presidents arrival.

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Yesterday was declared a public holiday as our district had a visit from the national leader President Armando Guebuza. We were asked by the local government administrator to use our truck to take people from our village the 30km to see the President. It was standing room only with much flag waving and singing on the way. We were grateful that the rain stopped the night before.
We arrived at 8:00 and crowd was growing steadily. It was a festival atmosphere. The national leader arrived by helicopter shortly after.
Much hand shaking, singing, dancing and speeches took place before President Guebuza addressed the crowd and then gave 10 people the chance to air grievances. Some serious issues were raised, hopefully prompting changes in the near future. These public grievances are taken seriously with President Guebuza responding to each issue and telling the crowd the process of resolution. In past years public officials have been removed from their positions as a result of this process. 
I needed to make two trips on our return as we couldn't fit everyone in it seemed everyone enjoyed the day and will talk about the time they got to see President Armando Guebuza.


Presidents visit

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Testing the word!

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I was teaching about baptism in the Holy Spirit. When I said that the Holy Spirit is able to heal when you pray, a lady brought her child straight out to be prayed for. The child is aged 2 and cries constantly. When we prayed, the child stopped crying but that could have been for several reasons including healing. We will wait until next months meeting to ask if God healed this small child. Praying for a great testimony.

The photo is of pastors and leaders seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Inside the new shed.

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Ready for the floor.

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First chickens in.

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Roof is on.

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Roof going on.

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Hard work done.

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Mobile scaffold

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Building a chicken shed

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Chicken shed

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Since getting goats late last year we have seen 5 kids born and growing well.
On the down side we have had dry mums (no milk) so have had to bottle feed some of the kids. Saw the vet and got the correct treatment for the flock to avoid future problems. We lost 3 kids before sorting that out.
We lost a buck, he died of an unexplained cause. The vet thinks he might of eaten something toxic.
This past week we have had 2 mal presented kids causing both to be still born and one mother needed to be put down. One mother was saved thanks to Amy a visiting vet.
Are we not blessed by God? Why are we having so much trouble with an animal that is renown for it's toughness? This week I got my answer on this. One of our neighbors had a goat that had insufficient milk when the kid was born, I was able to suggest a possible solution. This person could not afford to visit a vet but can afford to treat her small flock.
My point is maybe at times our trials are not about us but could be setting us up to be able to bless others.