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Since getting goats late last year we have seen 5 kids born and growing well.
On the down side we have had dry mums (no milk) so have had to bottle feed some of the kids. Saw the vet and got the correct treatment for the flock to avoid future problems. We lost 3 kids before sorting that out.
We lost a buck, he died of an unexplained cause. The vet thinks he might of eaten something toxic.
This past week we have had 2 mal presented kids causing both to be still born and one mother needed to be put down. One mother was saved thanks to Amy a visiting vet.
Are we not blessed by God? Why are we having so much trouble with an animal that is renown for it's toughness? This week I got my answer on this. One of our neighbors had a goat that had insufficient milk when the kid was born, I was able to suggest a possible solution. This person could not afford to visit a vet but can afford to treat her small flock.
My point is maybe at times our trials are not about us but could be setting us up to be able to bless others.