Zimbabwe school visit.

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During the recent school holidays, the Principal of our school, Deputy Principal and myself visited a primary school in Zimbabwe. The objective was to understand why Zimbabweans moving to Mozambique had more opportunity to be chosen in leadership roles for businesses over Mozambicans with the same level of education.
At the same time we wanted to bring back any useful changes to help our primary school provide better education.
We met with the Principal of a primary school of 2000 students. He was a very capable man born into the Shona tribe, the same tribe as our community in Mozambique. He spent most of the day showing us around the school explaining the strategy behind what they do. Most of the conversation took place in the Shona language which I don't speak but the visit wasn't for me it was for our school leadership. We became good friends over the course of our time there and hope that in the near future they can bring key staff and a football team to visit us in our Mozambican school. This would benefit our staff and students in a big brother type relationship.
For me the most encouraging part of our journey has been watching things we learnt being implemented by our team without my influence. The staff want Saturday workshops to help them become more effective.
I pray that our Principal Arone can build a strong relationship with our Zimbabwean friend a glean from his experience.