Meal time

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In Africa a large part of the population does not eat pre prepared meals. For them each meal eaten comes from the garden. One of the staple foods is maize flour. To eat maize flour a family must prepare the ground, plant the seed, harvest the cob, take the maize off the cob, remove the husk and grind the maize into flour. Throughout communities there are flour mills like the one in the photo, where households will take a few meals worth of maize to mill it ready to cook.

I am sure that some children in the west would not know the process it takes to produce flour, where as there are children in Africa that would never have seen flour in a packet.

This is the time of year that people are planting or preparing to plant the maize crop. We are praying for good rains this season to allow the people to enjoy a bountiful harvest.


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On Saturday we had our first graduation for 2012. 40 students started the course in Gorongosa at the beginning of the year. On Saturday 20 pastors and leaders graduated and received their certificates and a bible. 

We had a great time together, with the graduates and their families and friends. After our official ceremony we enjoyed a meal of goat and chicken, with a local non-alcoholic drink called maheo made from fermented maize flour. 
This week we have 2 graduations with more the following week.


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Its time for our students to graduate. This month we will host 8 graduations with 150 pastors and leaders completing the years training.
For me the highlight at each graduation is hearing the testimonies of how people have implemented the training they have received, and how it has caused them to grow. I look forward to sharing some of these testimonies with you.
As part of graduation we give each student a bible, we pray that they read and apply the word of God continually.