Work horse

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We have had a great year with the bible college. As we travel to every training our car is our office most of the week.
We have a Prado which is a great work horse and all year each time I stepped into it and turned the key, the reliable 4x4 got us where we needed to go.
On Tuesday set off to a graduation into a remote area that is cut off in the wet season because the road becomes a mess. It rained for 36 hours before we left home and the road was tricky but we arrived at our destination to the surprise of locals who thought graduation may have been cancelled. It rained more whilst we were there. On the way home I was doing everything to keep us from getting stuck. The good ol' Prado took the punishment and got us home without getting bogged.
Our last Graduation for the year was close to 250km from home. On the way home the Prado made some noises that should not be made. We stopped, checked out where the noise was coming from and thought we had gearbox trouble. We limped home without being able to accelerate quickly or maintain speed up hill. The closer we got to home the worse it got until we pulled into the drive way relieved to have made it.
After investigation and a phone call to a mechanic friend in Australia we discovered the drive chain in the transfer case needs replacing. Kent helped pull it out and today it's on the way to South Africa with Roger and Amanda who planned to go now that graduations are finished.
The transfer case should be back on Friday for us to replace.
I am so thankful that the car is not vital this week, it broke down after the work was done. Now that's a work horse!