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Another year of training has been completed. We held graduation ceremonies for our Pastors and Leaders training in 6 different locations. For me the highlights are always the testimonies. One I would like to share was from a lady who heard our training was coming to her area and she felt disappointed that the ladies couldn't participate. When we first arrived we explained that we wanted the pastors' and leader's wives to take part in the training together, as they minister together. The ladies were happy but confused. The question they were asking themselves was how can they be part of a course when they can't read or write? We explained how our course was oral and it was set up for everyone to be able to learn the Word of God. The ladies were excited and participated in the course. At graduation one lady stood up and shared how as a result of the course the ladies now meet weekly in bible study, they have also started women's programmes in their churches and in other different areas where there are no churches. The exciting thing for me is we teach the bible, we don't tell students what programmes to run in their churches, yet when people who are hungry learn the Word of God they are compelled to share.

This year we also had a graduation with a group of people that Roger had trained for the year. He took the doctrine training to a new level by spending 2 days a week teaching the group of students the fundamentals of Christianity. The feedback for this has been great, only God knows the flow on effect that this training will have on the people.


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 A common thank you gift from a church in Moz is a pair of pigeons. We have 6 new birds that we let out today but 3 failed to come home. 

It's an interesting way to get to know your neighbours by visiting at night asking if our pigeons are causing trouble by trying to join their coop. Those who keep pigeons tend to be very nice people, it is said here that pigeons won't stay in a house with strife...could be some truth in that.

We have also been given a number of chickens, but now we have 3 roosters eating our veggie patch....could be stew later this week.


President's visit

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This photo was taken from our house as the President of Mozambique arrived to spend a few days in our village.

Oxen in Catandica

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We passed these guys out the front of the hardware store.

Bubble wrapped tractors

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Effective community development

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Kim and I are on our way to sit with a community who has terrible water. The water they use is so poor a quality that the Administrator who spoke to us about this problem thought it would kill the tree he planted in the village!
We are travelling with a government department head who has the responsibility for improving infrastructure in the district.

The plan is to look at simple ways to help the community improve their own water quality. We will act as consultants to guide the community, as any project done for a community by outsiders has a high chance of failure.

I have seen people with good theory on community development fall into the trap of keeping poor people oppressed because they short-cut the process and add infrastructure themselves due to it being painfully slow to guide the community into carrying out what needs to be done. A few more months of bad water as part of a long term strategy of community empowerment is a small price to pay.

Please pray that we see God's solution to this problem and we are able to help this community become empowered to meet their future needs.

NB. Not much progress was made today as the chief was unavailable. But we have scheduled a meeting in the next few weeks to try again.



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A number of questions were asked in training today after teaching on 'Effective Preaching'.

First question was "What do we do when people fall asleep when we are preaching?"

The second question was "Should we use the prostitute standing outside the church as an illustration for our sermon and should we preach against sin?"

The third question was, "Why does the church teach us to go to the pastor for prayer when we are sick?"

The fourth question was, "Why do some people not receive healing even after we have prayed for them?"

I love these questions, it shows the church in Africa has many questions shared by members of the church in Australia.


Stretched by vision.

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I was asked by a Mozambican pastor who is a friend of mine, if I knew Aussies that would help to fund a church building. Anyone want to help....
My reply was not what he expected. I explained how we fund a vision in ACC churches. First we pray seeking Gods vision for our church, then we plan how to fulfil that vision, then we share the vision in our congregations then together we build the church building. I asked why he thinks God won't help him to fulfil the vision he believes he has been given.
As I said this is a good friend and he understood what I was saying.....release your people to share in the vision so that they can be blessed and together do so much more.
We build people when we help them to stretch and reach the goals God has put before them.


Today's training

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In todays pastor training when answering a question using Ephesians, I told the Pastors that Satan is scared of them understanding who they are in Christ.
This was a powerful statement. Once we know who we are and the power of our prayers we can pull down the strongholds of Satan and raise up the Kingdom of God


FW: PanAsia Conference - it's not too late to register!

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Pan Asia Conference - It's not too late to register!

Dear Friends,

Just a reminder that PanAsia Conference is now less than 4 weeks away! If you are planning on attending PanAsia Conference this August, please follow this link to register your details.

To the hundreds who have already registered - we are so excited to see you there, and are busy planning out what is sure to be one of the most powerful and inspiring weeks of 2013!

Although the Mercure is almost booked out, the hotel is able to assist you with accomodation nearby. To arrange this, please email

What's PanAsia all about? Check the DVD below for more info...

PanAsia - the missions conference on the missions field - is now becoming a global event to present a comprehensive view on all that is happening in the world of ACCI Missions and Relief. Not only will you hear from our inspiring field workers from the PanAsia region, but ACCI missionaries from Africa and Europe are also joining to present on their unique work at this conference. This event is growing in popularity year after year - don't miss out!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Ps Alun Davies & the team at ACC International.

Doctor visit.

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Marco is sick with a painful infection and a fever. He saw a doctor who gave him 9 different medications. 3 antibiotics, 2 pain killers, 2 anti inflammatories, heart pressure pills and malaria medication. 
Many of these meds have reactions to one another. We went to private clinic yesterday to see a local doctor trained in England who was shocked to see what he had been given. This doctor opened and cleaned the wound, then told him to only take one antibiotic and some pain killers. 
A system where people lack the best training is so dangerous. So pleased that he called us to show what he had been given.
Praying that he is feeling better today.


As the sun rises so do the sales.

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Selling Chickens as the sun rises

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On the field we have to be a jack of all trades. This month the chicken sales at the school have been very slow forcing us to get out and sell more.
Our success has lead to our failure as neighbors have built chicken sheds and are selling chickens into our markets. We had a training day on how to raise chickens and it seems to have worked. In a normal week we sell about 1000 chickens, this week we have sold 250. This Means more feed is consumed by those left taking from the profits. New markets need to be sort, but as the economy increases so will the markets.

2012 Statistics

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In 2012 we trained 176 Church leaders in Mozambique, they in turn planted 121 churches between them.

We saw 1656 salvations, 699 people were baptised in water and 463 baptised in the Holy Spirit.

In November we hosted 8 separate graduation ceremonies followed by lunch for all the students who participated in our course in 2012, and their guests.

We have trained the primary school leadership to take over the primary school by the end of 2013. This will free us up to spend more time in public schools helping bring the gospel to the unsaved.

We reached out to 506 school children and look forward to increasing this number in 2013.

We built an office that is also being used this year as a training centre.

We have a religious programme for public schools to bring the gospel to school children and to help reduce corruption in the education system.

We have registered our organisation with the Provincial Government and it is currently in the process of being registered with the Federal Government.

We are looking forward to our ministry moving to Catandica during 2013 as we know this will open up many opportunities for us to minister to the church and local secular leadership.

Bush whacking on the way to church.

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Getting the bush experience on the way to church this morning.
First thing we did when we arrived was check for ticks. Then we settled down and waited for everyone to turn up.

Drunken music.

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We had an over night stay for training. In the morning we were woken in the early hours by the loud music of our drunken neighbor. He did want to turn it down so training was held to the background music. When I was answering a question on "who can be filled with the the Holy Spirit", the music stopped until I was finished. After training the neighbor said he was active in church before now he drinks his days away but next time we are training he will turn off his music. He must have been effected by what was said. Please pray for him and our students.


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I was in a meeting in Chimoio when a business owner asked what is the significance of Easter. What an open door to bring the gospel to captive audience. After telling them Jesus rose from the grave on Sunday, they asked do we celebrate in any way on Sunday can we have a meal together Easter Sunday. The result is a shared meal organized for Easter Sunday after Church.


Home made v store bought.

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The top welder is owned by the guy who made our window security bars for our office, the second welder is mine. Which one runs on a generator? The home made one runs much better and will run on a generator, just don't get electrocuted using it. The store bought will not work on a 6.5 kva generator.

Training testimony

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We had training today in a new location. We used the bike as the 4x4 is still not fixed and the roads are cut up during the wet.

I was explaining the importance of unity among churches and gave a testimony of a pastor who refused to spend time with anyone from any other church. During our course in his location he changed and started to fellowship with other Christians and allowed his congregation to do the same. As I finished telling the story he arrived to say hi and stood up telling everyone they need to do our course as it helped him to realize that we are all one in Christ.
I also said to all the men in the group that they needed to invite the ladies to participate in the course as well. With that a group of 20 ladies arrived.
I should have kept going to see who else could show up, good thing I wasn't teaching on the second coming.

God is good.