2012 Statistics

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In 2012 we trained 176 Church leaders in Mozambique, they in turn planted 121 churches between them.

We saw 1656 salvations, 699 people were baptised in water and 463 baptised in the Holy Spirit.

In November we hosted 8 separate graduation ceremonies followed by lunch for all the students who participated in our course in 2012, and their guests.

We have trained the primary school leadership to take over the primary school by the end of 2013. This will free us up to spend more time in public schools helping bring the gospel to the unsaved.

We reached out to 506 school children and look forward to increasing this number in 2013.

We built an office that is also being used this year as a training centre.

We have a religious programme for public schools to bring the gospel to school children and to help reduce corruption in the education system.

We have registered our organisation with the Provincial Government and it is currently in the process of being registered with the Federal Government.

We are looking forward to our ministry moving to Catandica during 2013 as we know this will open up many opportunities for us to minister to the church and local secular leadership.