Effective community development

1:42 AM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

Kim and I are on our way to sit with a community who has terrible water. The water they use is so poor a quality that the Administrator who spoke to us about this problem thought it would kill the tree he planted in the village!
We are travelling with a government department head who has the responsibility for improving infrastructure in the district.

The plan is to look at simple ways to help the community improve their own water quality. We will act as consultants to guide the community, as any project done for a community by outsiders has a high chance of failure.

I have seen people with good theory on community development fall into the trap of keeping poor people oppressed because they short-cut the process and add infrastructure themselves due to it being painfully slow to guide the community into carrying out what needs to be done. A few more months of bad water as part of a long term strategy of community empowerment is a small price to pay.

Please pray that we see God's solution to this problem and we are able to help this community become empowered to meet their future needs.

NB. Not much progress was made today as the chief was unavailable. But we have scheduled a meeting in the next few weeks to try again.