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Another year of training has been completed. We held graduation ceremonies for our Pastors and Leaders training in 6 different locations. For me the highlights are always the testimonies. One I would like to share was from a lady who heard our training was coming to her area and she felt disappointed that the ladies couldn't participate. When we first arrived we explained that we wanted the pastors' and leader's wives to take part in the training together, as they minister together. The ladies were happy but confused. The question they were asking themselves was how can they be part of a course when they can't read or write? We explained how our course was oral and it was set up for everyone to be able to learn the Word of God. The ladies were excited and participated in the course. At graduation one lady stood up and shared how as a result of the course the ladies now meet weekly in bible study, they have also started women's programmes in their churches and in other different areas where there are no churches. The exciting thing for me is we teach the bible, we don't tell students what programmes to run in their churches, yet when people who are hungry learn the Word of God they are compelled to share.

This year we also had a graduation with a group of people that Roger had trained for the year. He took the doctrine training to a new level by spending 2 days a week teaching the group of students the fundamentals of Christianity. The feedback for this has been great, only God knows the flow on effect that this training will have on the people.