Community Development

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We have been working with a community to improve their water. The water they have been drinking to date, was dirty and polluted. Bad water effects communities in so many ways. It contributes to poverty as people suffer with illnesses particularly diarrhoea which keeps them out of their gardens. This means they don't plant as much as they could, causing suffering later in the year.

Bad water also increases the mortality rate. Diarrhoea is said to kill more people in Africa than malaria. To improve water quality saves lives.
This community had 150 students in the school. Because of the bad water, families have moved further away from the main road but closer to a river. The school was down to 75 students and more intending to leave. In a culture that values family as much as Mozambique this effects the quality of life for the people.
The community have contributed to the well by every household carting 15 stones each to site along with cement bricks and the sand. The men dug the hole. Then with the help of Life Church we have provided the bricks, cement, steel, the well builder and the pump. We also transported all materials within 3km of site.
The success of this water project can be measured by the clean water and the community's participation. The community leader is quite motivated but struggles to get the people onboard. We worked with him saying if the people don't help build the well, this tells us they don't really want clean water so we will go elsewhere. Twice we walked away, saying we were done because of the lack of community participation and twice the leader motivated the people to do their part before calling us to return, saying that our expectations had been met.
Now the young leader has runs on the board, the people have successfully worked together and they have achieved a great result. I will be happy to work in this community on future projects due to the improvement in people's self motivation. I also am encouraged to believe that they will help themselves in other ways knowing what they already been able to achieve!