Maforga Christian Primary School

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At the end of December 2013 our involvement with the primary school came to a close as we handed Maforga Christian Primary School over to Principal Arone and Vice Principal Danito, who are the school's Mozambican leadership. They now have four years experience in their roles and have proven themselves very capable. The main concern they expressed was management of the business. We were all confident of the ability they have to maintain the high standard of education but the African method of money management had them concerned. The mission where the school is based obtained the service of an experienced retired couple to oversee the chicken project. This will continue to provide funds for the school. Please pray for this to be successful and 2014 be a year of increase for the school. 
We are grateful for your financial support and the opportunity MCPS gave us to be involved in education in Mozambique and we will seek new opportunities to assist children in education. 

Our ministry with children has continued through new programs of Religious Education in public schools and Sunday Schools in community churches.