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As part of our community development I have been spending time with a Moises who is a well builder. He understands our ministry goal of requiring the community to take part in helping themselves so that they are empowered for the future. This man does not go to church yet asks serious questions about God. Kim was traveling with us today and was listening to our conversation about how to find God's blessing, how to know what He wants you to do and how to tell if a person is called to ministry or if they thought it was a good idea. She remarked that this is an example of someone watching what we do and seeing the gospel.
We are currently taking enrolments for our bible college. Moises has asked if he could enrol. I replied which Pastor will write your recommendation as he doesn't go to church. We train church leaders and want men and women who are serious about ministry to take part. Moises is a leader, he has his own association that makes construction materials and he is true to his word. Many years ago he had an problem when he was drunk so he gave up drinking. This is a form of repentance, as he saw drinking was bad for him and he changed. I told Kim I will give him his letter of recommendation, it won't be the first unsaved person in our course, maybe just the first without the title of pastor.