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We have been meeting with the Association for People with Disabilities, to help the members in different ways. In our area they have 25 members, 16 of whom have difficulty walking. Recently we were able to give some wheel chairs to a number of their members thanks to the generosity of Rotary International. We hope to soon have more to give away.
We have also looked at business development as many of these people have small businesses. We have asked for business development plans in the hope that a few micro loans of $100-$200 may become available to help these people. We spoke to them about the concept of micro loans and the need to pay the funds back, that way they develop their business, not just receive a handout that helps them in the short term. I will meet with the Administrator of our district on their behalf to give them some simple ideas to assist this group of people in our community. Beatriz (in the photo) received a wheelchair. She buys and sell charcoal and carries it on her head whilst crawling on her hands to the market and back. Beatriz is unable to rise above a squat so a wheelchair for her will be life changing.

Mr Winston, the President of the Association for People with Disabilities, lives in the same road as us. Today one of the walls of his house collapsed after three days of rain. It was mud brick without render so the moisture set in and weakened the wall, it happens quite often but only to those who are unable to afford to cement render their houses. Mr Winston has an oven that he bakes bread in to sell in the market. There is a new bakery opening up in town so he may have to find a new business to run, please pray that he gets a good business idea and he is able to repair his house soon, which means we need some dry weather so the wall can be rebuilt.