Sunday Schools

8:27 PM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

We have been training volunteers for church Sunday School programmes in our district. The typical church in Mozambique has the children go outside to play or sing songs whilst the parents are in church. Teaching church leaders about the importance of running a good teaching programme for the children that is fun, laid the foundation for the course.
It is obvious that a lack of material causes churches to neglect running a children's programme. It could also be the lack of prestige the church gives to the people who are dedicated to working with children. We are working on changing that at the denominational level.
Churches send volunteers for training and we also provide the material for them to use. The churches that are using the training are growing in the number of children coming each week, which is encouraging.
The Department of Justice has asked us to roll out the programme in the provincial capital as well, which we will do when time permits.