Return to Mozambique.

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We have returned to Mozambique after a fulfilling time in Australia where we were blessed by so many of our friends and family - thank you to all we were able to spend time with, it was fantastic catching up. Gabi and Thomas are pleased to be back at school where they are reconnecting with their friends and school staff. Kim and I arrived home to very few problems which was a relief. The largest 'welcome home' challenge was finding that there had been no water to our home the entire time we were away due to a fractured water pipe to the town, so currently we are back to carting water.

Already we have had various meetings, including a meeting with other missionaries where we are able to encourage and support one another in our various ministries.

The country is in campaign mode for the upcoming Presidential elections. There is currently peace surrounding these elections, please pray that it stays this way during the entire campaign and after the elections are complete.