5:18 PM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

The beginning of a new year brings challenges and excitement. We are preparing to start training for 2015. That includes cleaning and repairing our MP3 players (they are tough but not indestructible), also visiting locations to find out how many church leaders want to take part in the bible training course. This year we have decided to run our sunday school training concurrent with our pastor training. This will help to get Sunday Schools established in remote churches.
The level of corruption continues to confound me. It truly is destroying the economy and seems to be normal at every level of society. The most powerful way to combat this is the Word of God and a to show people the truth of Jesus Christ . If only all people were able to grasp the truth of Jesus instead of the rubbish that is peddled to them instead.
We are looking forward to seeing what opportunity lies ahead in 2015. Let it be a Happy New Year.