I had one of those but the wheel came off!

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I was 400km from home looking to repair the radiator in my car. I searched all over Harare to find someone to repair it, only to be told that it needed to be replaced. So a new search started for a radiator, one place no stock, second place over $1000, third place no stock, 4th place yes we have one but the top and bottom tanks need to be swapped with your existing radiator. That's no problem a guy can do that for me that afternoon. I arrived radiator in tow only for him to discover the radiators were slightly different and the tanks wouldn't fit. 


The next day I went back to return the radiator, then it happened that I entered a pothole and didn't come out! The front ball joint in my car let go and basically the wheel fell off. I was in a different country than I live, so I start trying to think who can help? I contact Kim, stay calm and think what do I do? How long will the repairs take? Who can repair it? How do I get home to teach Bible College on Friday? How do I pay for the repairs? 

I remembered a friend who lived in Mozambique near us a few years back (like 5 years) who now runs a business in Harare. I called him to ask if he knows a mechanic, he does more than that; he organized a tow to a mechanic who specializes in Toyotas and imports his own parts. Three days later we were back home in time to teach that afternoon.


God blessed me in so many ways.

1) The wheel fell off at 40k/h, the next day I was planning to return home at a top speed of 120km/h and that would have been nasty.

2) I was 3km from the mechanic's workshop. In Mozambique the closest mechanic to us is 180km away.

3) I had the unexpected opportunity to have lunch and reconnect with an old friend.

4) I have the bill delayed until I find the money to pay it.

5) The ministry did not suffer due to the down time of the car being repaired.

6) The repair took 3 days. It could take 6 weeks at best in Mozambique.

7) I finally know who can fix my car.

8) Nobody was hurt.

9) My car feels like a new vehicle, the whole front end is reconditioned.

10) It was the final straw that drove Kim and I to fast for 10 days and press into God.

11) In 6 weeks time the mechanic will have a new radiator for me and the stop leak has worked as a patch.


As my friend dropped me back to where I was staying, I started to count my blessings. He said that's the difference with Christians, we can see the good in a bad situation. That comment made me feel good.