Monday Reflections

5:12 PM Harts for Africa 2 Comments

Today is Monday and I'm enduring the after effects of another misadventure. I once again have the privilege of asking myself how's it going and is it worth it? Do you ever ask yourself this question? I guess we all do so hey my life is not so different from yours.

On Saturday I turned up to a conference I was invited to as speaker. Kim and I arrived on time to find the venue open but only two people there. Where were the others? Yes this is Africa but normally a few people turn up on time, particularly with this group who know to give me the actual time to arrive not the time to start getting ready to go.  Oh one of the pastors had died, so they all went to the house to pay their respects. The delegates arrived ready for the conference to start a few hours later.  We get going and I am looking around and can't see my interpreter, ok must have some one else filling in, then I look over and see the event organiser sending a text message, please come and help…..! Oh no interpreter for me. So it's time to start, I have 3 hours of teaching prepared in English and ready to translate into Shona with the help of a friend. Nobody in the room is fluent in English so they ask me to teach in Portuguese as they have someone who can interpret Portuguese to Shona. So off we go. It takes a lot more concentration to teach in a language not your own but the message gets passed on and I am sure people have been given a chance to grow as leaders.

Come Sunday and I have checked and the interpreter will be at church today. So time for church and we can't find it, what - has it moved? Why can't we find this church? So we call the pastor his phone is turned off, we call the interpreter phone also turned off. We see people headed to church but none to the church we are looking for. What a disaster, but in the big scheme of life no big deal we can go there next week with someone.

Sunday afternoon the water is not flowing in the outside tap so I go to investigate, as I pick up a hose I feel a slight prick in my finger. I looked to pull out a splinter and see none, and then I see a scorpion. Nice….. I have never been stung by one before so I capture it and look up on the internet the effects and treatment. It's ok, I won't die but find out I can look forward to 12 – 36 hours of intense pain. Great that's not so long hey. It has been 20 hours of pins and needles in my hand with a burning sensation if I dare to move my arm. Looks like I didn't get the 12-hour end of this stick.

So once again I find myself asking the question, how are you doing? The answer is ok, a little sting is no big deal so I try to look at it in the big scheme of things. The conference went well so I can tick a box there. I have a journey today with the road builders to a remote community to see if we can get their road started before the wet season, that's exciting!  Church was a misadventure but we get another go at it next week.

Is it worth it? Yes it is! Life is an adventure for all of us. I can see things that we have learned in the past helping us in our future. Sure there are things I would like to go differently but that's life for all of us. So the bottom line is I am pleased to be where I am and doing what I do.