Resisting the doubt.

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As I was teaching at bible college on discipleship I went on a tangent and spoke about the spiritual realm and the physical realm just to declare Jesus is above all, stronger is He that is in me then he that is in the world.
It's odd that we listen to our problems, our doubts, our worries when we are able to simply declare that everything will be alright "because I walk with the victor!"

I went on to speak about finances as they are a great indicator of our spiritual health, do we control our finances or do they control us?
Living by faith as we do is a constant test, yet we to need to be reminded of God's goodness and faithfulness. We have never run out of food, clothes or housing as a family, yet God's direction for us still provokes the "what if?", and "how will God provide?" doubt within me.
This doubt can cause us to cling onto what we have, where instead we should remain generous just as God is generous toward us.
I know people who go without daily yet I have to remind myself that I serve the living God who provides for all my needs. Just as I am faithful to serve, He is faithful to provide.
I believe the financial worry I currently have needs to be countered with an increase of generosity, I am looking for things to give away that will assist the people I give them to. Please pray I hear my own teaching and don't cling to what I have but remain generous toward others.
I don't like to write about the ways we are generous because it feels like boasting, but many of you partner with us so you deserve to know, as you are being generous to us and through us. We are currently helping people to set-up in business that will provide a better than average income for themselves, as well as providing a much needed service to the community. We are helping someone to obtain their driver's licence which will open up income opportunities for them.
We about to start a new programme in the public schools which will include fun, moral education and a snack for the kids. Please also pray that this will get through the Government's red tape. I have been assured it will be right to go next week.


Green drought

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It's been a tough wet season in Mozambique. In our district the first rain came in December as expected, but no follow up rain fell causing the first crops of maize to fail. The second rains came about 2 weeks late to save the first crop but provided the moisture for the people that had resources to plant a second time. Those crops have had mixed success, some of our neighbours have tall maize but it lacks grain, so they face a "green drought", meaning there is water in the wells, grass in the field but no grain to eat. Other farmers have grain but the quantities will not be known until after harvest in a few weeks time. A maize mill in our district is predicting only 50% of what they need, to be sourced locally this year, usually they have surpluses.
Please pray that the Mozambican people have enough maize to get them through the year, and that those that have, will assist those in need.
Neighbouring African countries have also had a bad maize crop this year contributing to the problem. The closest countries with a surplus of maize seems to be South America which will not be assistance to a subsistence farmer.

1st photo an abandoned maize crop

2nd photo poor maize crop with millet planted in it.

3rd no return for their effort this year.