3:53 AM Harts for Africa 3 Comments

Kim and I have started a cycling programme and one of the instructions is "Don't push yourself too hard. Take the allocated rest days and when you go for a ride come home feeling like you could do it again, straight away." Following this advice it's amazing how quickly we have increased our riding time and distance. We can also take this advice into ministry.
On Saturday we held a graduation ceremony for the Pastors and Leaders training course and it was a day of real encouragement for me. One after another the students got up and testified how the course had helped them this year, but they also spoke how I had personally impacted them. I was humbled when they were saying that our courage gave them courage this year which has been extremely tough for them. Our giving taught them not to be stingy givers; our teaching encouraged them to teach others. They also testified to the Holy Spirit doing something special in their midst this year. It was a very special group who I really believe that God will use to do mighty things.
As we get ready to return to Australia for 6 months I feel I could do another 12 months here without overdoing it. The students really encouraged me, in fact I am a little disappointed I can't teach in Mozambique until we return in 6 months.
I set a whole day aside to prepare my graduation sermon, after an hour I was done, I knew it was ready to go no more prep was required. This is unusual for me I am normally adding notes right up to preaching it. Yet I felt the sermon at graduation was one of the best I have ever spoken, and then I realised how much feedback I was getting as I preached, the students pulled the sermon out of me. God was showing me how we need each other.
It's not easy for me to write this as self praise is no recommendation, but I wanted to let you know how much your words of encouragement inspire people to reach new heights, let them know how they have impacted you. I am richer for spending time with this class and will miss them.